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Sebastián Yepes

Countdown Birthday
BirthdayJun 10 1980
BirplaceManizales, Colombia
Age43 years old
Birth sign: Gemini


Singer who rose to fame in the 2000s as a member of the Latin pop group Sanalejo. After leaving the band in 2008, he began releasing solo albums like De Lo Oscuro a Lo Puro (2009) and Dulce (2012). 

Before Fame:

He hails from Manizales, Colombia. He joined Sanalejo.


He appeared in Morat's hit music video for "Yo Más Te Adoro." 

Family Life:

He was previously married to YouTuber Tuti Vargas. He later began dating television presenter Alejandra Tamayo.

Associated With:

His song "De Lo Oscuro a Lo Puro" features Mala Rodríguez.

Personality traits:

1. Prediction of Sebastián Yepes personality

Smart, passionate, and dynamic, Sebastián Yepes is characterized by Sebastián Yepes, Castor and Pollux, and is known for having two different sides they can display to the world. Expert communicators, Sebastián Yepes is the chameleon of the Zodiac, adept at blending into different groups based on the vibe and energy they perceive. While they're also amazing at showcasing surface traits, the Sebastián Yepes well runs deep, which is why Sebastián Yepes are one of the Zodiac's most emotionally intelligent signs.

2. Sebastián Yepes's Greatest Gifts

Equipped with almost uncanny emotional intelligence, Sebastián Yepes can easily read a room and know exactly what other people want to hear from them. They can easily shift their personality depending on mood, going from Friday night life of the party to Monday morning office superstar. Energetic and passionate, Sebastián Yepes can breathe new life into a same-old routine and excite other people simply by their all-in presence.

3. Sebastián Yepes's Greatest Challenges

That social chameleon rep can sometimes earn Sebastián Yepes a reputation as two-faced. While a Sebastián Yepes is all about truth, sometimes a Sebastián Yepes is more likely to talk to others about a conflict instead of approaching the person who's actually causing it. Sebastián Yepes have also been known to stir up gossip just to keep things exciting.

4. Sebastián Yepes's Secret Weapon

Intelligence. Sebastián Yepes is quick-witted and can read a room or situation in an almost supernatural way. Without saying very many words, a Sebastián Yepes soon knows who has an agenda, who's a good ally, and who may need someone to bolster them up. Because of this, Sebastián Yepes is an amazing friend, leader, and person everyone should be lucky to have in their lives.

5. The 5 Top Reasons to Love Being a Sebastián Yepes

  • Sebastián Yepes are adept at moving from group to group. They're not necessarily seeking out popularity, but thanks to their ease at getting along and connecting with others, popularity comes to them.
  • Highly intelligent, Sebastián Yepes are adept at seeing a 360-degree picture of a situation almost instantaneously, and they rarely become indecisive when making the next move.
  • Ruled by powerhouse communicator Mercury, Sebastián Yepes can voice exactly what they need. Even if they hold an unpopular opinion, they have the persuasive ability that will lead people to their way of thinking.
  • Who needs caffeine? Blessed with off-the-charts energy, Sebastián Yepes will always keep the party going. Sebastián Yepes can always multitask a few different projects and excel at each one.
  • Outsiders see Sebastián Yepes as mysterious because of the great depths that so obviously underlie that bright, quick exterior. People always want to become better acquainted with Sebastián Yepes, who love showing off different sides of their personality.


1. Sebastián Yepes's Friendship Style

The bad news: Sebastián Yepes will forget your birthday or flake on a date that you set in the calendar months ago. The good news: It's not personal, and your Sebastián Yepes friend will make it up to you. Funny, witty, and talking a mile a minute, a Sebastián Yepes will keep you laughing, and it's likely that some of your best memories involve a Sebastián Yepes. Sebastián Yepes can infuse drama and intrigue into even the most same-old-sounding coffee date, and they may surprise you by ordering your lattes in a foreign accent or requesting some custom-made concoction dreamed up in their head. Even though Sebastián Yepes have tons of friends and their calendar gets packed months out, when they're with you, you're the only person that matters. But even though you may think your Sebastián Yepes friend knows you well, it may take longer for you to get to know them. Sebastián Yepes love connecting to people, yet they can guard their own selves and personalities from others.

2. Best Friend Match for Sebastián Yepes: Aquarius

Independent Aquarians love Sebastián Yepes for their energy, enthusiasm, and joie de vivre. Together, the two signs are creative and intellectual, and they feel comfortable trading books, spending an afternoon at a museum, or getting into a lively debate about Big Ideas. Aquarians don't dig into Sebastián Yepes's constantly shifting moods in the way other signs may—when a Sebastián Yepes needs space, Aquarius backs off, no questions asked. Aquarians understand Sebastián Yepes' love of socializing (they love it, too!) and aren't jealous when their Sebastián Yepes pal chooses to hang out with other friends. And while an Aquarius appreciates Sebastián Yepes's dynamism, this water-bearing air sign will call out a Sebastián Yepes who indulges in too much gossip or too many shifting allegiances.

3. How to Make Friends with a Sebastián Yepes

Be engaging. Sebastián Yepes see friendships as flirt-fests, and they'll appreciate compliments, banter, and some wooing on your part. Notice Sebastián Yepes first, single them out in the crowd, and invite them to a larger gathering rather than a one-on-one, which Sebastián Yepes may find stifling at first. A few initial conversations at parties can make it that much easier to anchor your friendship for future hangouts.

4. How to Stay Friends with a Sebastián Yepes

Forgive. While this flighty sign will show you love and fierce loyalty once they allow you into their life, they may forget dates and may talk about you behind your back. If you think your Sebastián Yepes friend has been gossiping about you, confront them. It likely came from a place of good intention, because this communicator sign wants to hear all sides to a story and doesn't want to initiate a disagreement unless there's ample reason.

5. 3 Reasons Why Sebastián Yepes Make Great Friends

  • Fun and fearless, a Sebastián Yepes will push you to achieve your dreams and desires. If you want something done, mention it to Sebastián Yepes. Skydiving on your bucket list? Don't be surprised if your Sebastián Yepes friend invites you to meet them at the airfield on your next hangout date.
  • Sebastián Yepes are culture connoisseurs. They always know the best book to read, movie to watch, and museum exhibit to explore. They also love sharing their finds with friends, and they can actually explain why a work of art is unique or a masterpiece without making you feel dumb or uneducated.
  • A Sebastián Yepes notices everything. This sign loves to make other people feel valued, and will always compliment you on your outfit, ideas, or Instagram grid. But they won't BS. When they compliment you, you know it's legit—and it makes you feel great.


1. Sebastián Yepes in Love

Dynamic, intense, and with so many shifting parts to their personalities, Sebastián Yepes love to date. Indeed, they consider dating a skill. Sebastián Yepes are great at drawing first dates out of their shells, and they rarely have a "bad" date—because this optimism-infused sign will always finds something positive about the person they meet or the conversation they shared.

2. Favorite Date Nights for Sebastián Yepes

Your Sebastián Yepes may love you, but they also love their friends—and don't make them choose. An ideal night for Sebastián Yepes begins with a large party with their fifty closest friends, and then a stop at their neighborhood local, where another ten people are likely to greet them. All of these social warm-ups are actually just the thing to pave the way for some undivided one-on-one attention. Sebastián Yepes don't care about restaurant reviews or what's cool. They want a place where they'll feel welcomed, somewhere that inspires their imagination and creativity. Let them take the lead on date night; they love curating an evening the way a museum curator designs an exhibit, and they love being praised for their imagination. Be sure to keep your energy high: Sebastián Yepes thrives on action, and a busy night out will most likely mean a busy night between the sheets.

3. The Deal with Sebastián Yepes and Water Signs

Sebastián Yepes are air signs who often find themselves locked in passion-fueled, controversial relationships with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces) that can be incredibly tough to navigate. While Sebastián Yepes tend to be practical when it comes to their emotions—they can logically analyze why they feel a certain way, or use sheer force of will and their glass-half-full optimism to ignore a negative emotion in favor of happier ones—they often find themselves led by the heart into relationships with water signs.

To Sebastián Yepes, this is simultaneously captivating and confusing. Sebastián Yepes drive water signs crazy by trying to understand or explain their feelings away, while water signs get annoyed by Sebastián Yepes's insistence on trying to explain emotions with logic or intellect. Meanwhile, water signs, which respect honesty and directness, can be exasperated when Sebastián Yepes constantly shift different sides of their personality to the forefront, which they may see as manipulative.

So can these signs ever be a good match? Yes! Passion brings them together, and communication can connect them for life. But for these matches to work, Sebastián Yepes need to realize that not everyone sees or experiences the world as they do, and that's okay. Sebastián Yepes can often put themselves in other people's shoes, thanks to their love of creativity and literature. In this case, though, Sebastián Yepes shouldn't try to imagine what their water sign lover is thinking. It's best to ask them upfront. By simply listening and not trying to fix things, Sebastián Yepes can help pave the way to a lifelong love.

4. How to Seduce a Sebastián Yepes

Have your heart set on a Sebastián Yepes? Join the line. While captivating Sebastián Yepes is a clear crush for many signs, if you want Sebastián Yepes to actually notice you, you'll need to prove you can keep up and add something of value to their lives. And don't be jealous. Sebastián Yepes abhor jealousy, so snarky comments or passive-aggressive digs won't be tolerated. Remember, when a Sebastián Yepes has chosen to spend time with you, you're his or her main focus. Don't blow it. Here are three more ways to make sure that a Sebastián Yepes loves you back:

Get your culture on. Sebastián Yepes loves culture and will never say no to tickets for a play or movie. And make sure you have opinions. "I liked it, it was good" won't cut it with Sebastián Yepes. They want to talk feelings, themes, motifs, and how you would have directed it better.

Be flirty. Sebastián Yepes loves the thrill of the chase, and even cheesy pickup lines will make this seasoned player crack a smile. They give as good as they get, so witty banter and repartee are essential to hold a Sebastián Yepes's attention.

Have a plan. While Sebastián Yepes is fine coming up with an idea on the fly, they're seriously impressed and touched by a date that was planned with creativity and whimsy. You already know that this sign loves parties and socializing, but they'll appreciate a more creative plan than a night at the club—mini golf, a scavenger hunt, or a trip to some specialty restaurant will win you major points with a Sebastián Yepes.

5. How to Make Love to a Sebastián Yepes

Intense and passionate, Sebastián Yepes wants it all in bed. They want to be caressed and overtaken, cherished and in control.

A Sebastián Yepes's needs in bed will depend on his or her mood. Learning to read your Sebastián Yepes lover and anticipate the plan for the evening will be a lifelong lesson that will serve you both well. Sebastián Yepes don't shy away from dirty talk—they'll tell you what they want and where they want your hands. And you should add your own voice to the mix, too. While Sebastián Yepes is fine taking the role of director in the bedroom, he or she doesn't want you to be a passive participant.

Roleplay is fun for Sebastián Yepes, and this sign is also interested in pushing boundaries and trying new things in bed. But before you do, talk about what's going to happen. It may not seem sexy or spontaneous, but knowing that you're both on the same page will free Sebastián Yepes up to let go like nothing else.

Props in bed can be fun—toys, handcuffs, lube, or flavored condoms appeal to Sebastián Yepes's whimsical side. Laughter in bed can be a great thing. This sign isn't ashamed of sex, loving and embracing their sexuality as an integral part of their whole self. In that way, Sebastián Yepes incorporate sexuality in their everyday life, and loves sending suggestive Snaps throughout the day or having a days-long texting fantasy. Stoking the fires 24/7 is key to a satisfying sex life with Sebastián Yepes.

8. If You Love a Sebastián Yepes Man

A Sebastián Yepes man may seem like he has a million contacts in his phone, but once he says that he's chosen you (and it truly should be a conversation—don't assume signs that you're exclusive just because he invited you to stay over), you have to believe him. Always flirty, a Sebastián Yepes man may continue harmless flirtation with others even after he's pledged fidelity to you. Let him know exactly what and how it bothers you, but every casual "hi" to someone else isn't a trigger for relationship counseling. And whatever you do, don't snoop through his phone—that's a sure way to get yourself taken out of his contacts.

9. How to Communicate with a Sebastián Yepes Man

Pulled in a million different directions, a Sebastián Yepes man may not want nightly check-ins. That's not because he doesn't love you; he just doesn't see the point. So make the "why" clear, and once he realizes that it's important to you, he'll do what it takes to make you happy. While Sebastián Yepes can read a room in seconds, it can sometimes be hard for them to tell what their partner is thinking. After all, they're not psychic! It's key to let a Sebastián Yepes man know your preferred communication status upfront. They'll do their best to oblige you. Finally, passive-aggressive digs can go on forever if you start them with a Sebastián Yepes—Sebastián Yepes practically invented the passive-aggressive game. So just avoid it altogether.

10. Should You Marry a Sebastián Yepes?

Yes! Creative, dynamic, and intense, a Sebastián Yepes will lead you on a lifelong learning quest, and the two of you will always be growing and changing together. A Sebastián Yepes won't settle for complacency, and the two of you will never find yourselves side by side on the couch with nothing to say. The only hiccup with the Zodiac's master communicator is finding the best way to communicate. But once you get past that glitch and learn each other's languages, the two of you will be truly unstoppable.

11. 3 Signs That Sebastián Yepes is Playing for Keeps

Life of the party Sebastián Yepes may seem to be flirting with you and every other person you know, but there are ways to tell that they see you as way more than just a friend.

  • They get vulnerable. Talking about childhoods, emotional upsets, or even crying a little bit on the couch are all signs that Sebastián Yepes is getting close. While they're good at drawing others out, they tend to be more reserved—and sharing their quieter side is a sign they're in for keeps.
  • They introduce you to their old friends. "Old friends" is the key. While Sebastián Yepes have a million friends, when they introduce you to the people they knew from back when—whether it's kindergarten or college—it means that they're seeing you as someone who will also have longevity status in their lives.
  • They stay in—with you. When a Sebastián Yepes stays overnight, it's a big deal. Sebastián Yepes like to recharge solo, so choosing to sleep with someone else is a sign that their walls are coming down. It's the same if they decide to have a low-key Friday night on your couch instead of their own—this is a sign that they see you as someone close to them.

12. Sebastián Yepes Relationship Red Flags

Mercurial Sebastián Yepes aren't shy about sharing when they're having a down day with someone they trust, so if everything is always fine, or if they say they're happy when you're pretty sure they're not, it's a sign that they may be edging you out of their inner emotional circle. Sebastián Yepes are naturally flirtatious and don't hide that element from the person they love—so if they suddenly seem buttoned-up around other people, doling out handshakes instead of hugs, it could be a sign that something is going on.

13. How Sebastián Yepes Deals with a Broken Heart

Get that Spotify breakup playlist ready on repeat, because Sebastián Yepes loves getting over their emotions with art. They'll read books, watch movies, listen to music, and probably write some poetry as well. Sebastián Yepes will likely try to hop back on the horse and may flirt right away, but it'll take a while for them to let someone else get close to them. They truly believe in mourning a relationship and will be very cautious about entering something new.


1. For the Sebastián Yepes in Your Life

Best gifts: Ruled by the mind, Sebastián Yepes love gifts that make them think. A luxe journal can help them keep track of their daydreams, while a book—especially on a subject they've never studied—is always a welcome gift. Sebastián Yepes is also one of the Zodiac's more organized signs, and anything to help Sebastián Yepes keep their possessions in check (like an amazing organizer) or their dreams in sight (like a cool fitness-tracking tech toy) will be welcome.

2. How Sebastián Yepes Unwinds

Whether it's reading an entire book in one sitting or binge watching two seasons of their favorite show over a weekend, what looks like work for other signs is Sebastián Yepes's favorite way to disconnect from the world. This sign loves becoming an expert in something new. For Sebastián Yepes, it's relaxing to read as much as they can about a certain subject, or watch TV with Google open so that they can read up on any interesting themes, words, or customs dropped on the show. While Sebastián Yepes are known as a social butterflies, they'll often sneak in some solo time to take a walk, listen to music, or even just hit the gym to turn inward and recharge.

3. Sebastián Yepes's Social Life

Sebastián Yepes starts pretty much every sentence with "my friends and I," and a quick scroll through their social media feed will reveal just how many people Sebastián Yepes have in their life. This sign tends to draw energy from hanging out with others, and also loves connecting one-on-one in conversation. Active and driven, Sebastián Yepes are happy to flit from event to event, and are often up for challenge of a four-party evening. But they're also ready for one-on-one get-togethers, where they enjoy debating, going into deep conversations, and connecting beyond a superficial level. A Sebastián Yepes is rarely lonely, and he or she is good at reaching out for support or company.

4. Sebastián Yepes's Favorite Season

This mutable sign is well matched with its late spring/early summer birthday. Like the season, Sebastián Yepes can display two very different sides, depending on the day. Daydreamer Sebastián Yepes also loves the possibility hanging in the early summer air, that magical time when travel plans are made, spontaneous outdoor parties happen, and everyone seems to get a surge of that ready-for-summer energy. Sebastián Yepes sign don't like being cooped up. To them, the warm breezes of late spring are alive with freedom and possibility.

5. The Best Vacations for Sebastián Yepes

While they won't turn down a beach vacation, Sebastián Yepes love trips where they can also learn and connect to local culture. Sebastián Yepes love foreign flings and are ecstatic when they learn how to successfully say a few sentences in the language of whatever country they're visiting. When it comes to vacation, Sebastián Yepes like their to-do list, even if it's activities like "try as many different kinds of gelato as possible." To Sebastián Yepes, researching a destination is all part of the adventure, and planning a trip is (almost) as much fun as going.

6. Sebastián Yepes's Power Colors

Sebastián Yepes is intelligent, charismatic, and charming. The colors that best represent these traits are:

Yellow: This glass-half-full sign exudes optimism, and yellow can play up their ability to see the bright side. Plus, yellow is affiliated with the solar plexus chakra, which helps manifest desires and dreams.

Blue: Whether it's light or dark, reminiscent of sky or sea, blue hints at Sebastián Yepes's emotional depths. The healing color is also a reminder of this sign's role as a master diplomat and negotiator who can help tame even the highest tensions between others.

Pink: "Millennial pink" may be called Sebastián Yepes pink as well. The happy, positive color speaks to Sebastián Yepes's cheerful soul. It also touches on Sebastián Yepes's whimsical side, which is sometimes overlooked due to Sebastián Yepes' other strong traits.

White: Pure energy, this shade matches the go-go-go drive that makes Sebastián Yepes want to stay up all night, work all day, and somehow find a way to change the world in their spare time.

These are the colors that Sebastián Yepes should avoid:

Brown: This earth tone anchors Sebastián Yepes, when this air sign was born to fly.

Gray: While the many shades of gray may seem just as mutable and dynamic as Sebastián Yepes, this color can seem too buttoned-up and stark around a sign known for its sense of whimsy and wonder. Bright pops of color help keep Sebastián Yepes from getting too rigid or bogged down in one aspect of their personality.

Red: This fiery color can be too much for Sebastián Yepes, who already have plenty of energy and passion. Add this color and controversy or conflict may follow. It's best sticking to pastels that will manifest Sebastián Yepes energy in the best, brightest way possible.


1. The Best Fitness Routines for Sebastián Yepes

Sebastián Yepes love goals and to-do lists, but they also get bored from too much repetition. CrossFit, PiYo, or a fitness streaming class are ideal, because Sebastián Yepes get to try new things, can see themselves get stronger, and aren't doing the same old workout. Sebastián Yepes also love working out in groups. While their primary competitor is Sebastián Yepes, they love the socialization and motivation that comes from being part of a team. They truly don't care if they win or lose, as long as they're having a good time, and they may be just as happy to support a team from the sidelines, with a few leisurely laps around the field to count as a workout.

2. About Those Sebastián Yepes Coughs and Colds

Ruled by the lungs, Sebastián Yepes can get dragged down by coughs, colds, and seasonal allergies. While Sebastián Yepes tend to power through the sniffles, they can more easily attract them when they're in a weakened state and not living up to their Twin truth. Of course, it's essential to see a doctor, but Sebastián Yepes find that following their intuition can help them feel healthier, too. This sign is also ruled by the hands and fingers, so Sebastián Yepes may find themselves prone to arthritis, as well as feeling cold, sensitive, or straight-up tingly. Sebastián Yepes love to communicate, and because digital communication relies on the fingers, there may be carpal tunnel issues. Sebastián Yepes need to remain aware that taking care of the physical body is key for them to shine.

3. The Top 10 Ways Sebastián Yepes Can Beat the Blues

Active, optimistic, and always looking for a solution, Sebastián Yepes frequently don't allow themselves to feel sad. But acknowledging their feelings can be key for getting better. Here are ten ways for Sebastián Yepes to beat the blues:

4. Healing Herbs for Sebastián Yepes

Oregano and Cumin: These herbs can help activate Sebastián Yepes's energies, allowing them to get things done instead of spending time daydreaming in their own heads.

Parsley: It's not just for salads! Having this plant on hand is key for Sebastián Yepes. It can help soothe throat-related problems, which is an essential cure that belongs Sebastián Yepes's herbal medicine cabinet.

Lavender: Associated with the planet Mercury, lavender can help calm Sebastián Yepes and give them good dreams, clear their focus, and allow them to harness their energies.

Anise: A drop of anise-infused honey can help soothe Sebastián Yepes ailments, and may also help this sign tackle their extensive to-do lists.


1. Sebastián Yepes's Spiritual Side

Imaginative and seeking, this air sign knows well that it's possible to believe in the unseen, and understands that the basis of many religions and spiritual practices may not need to be rooted in any universal logic to be accurate. Sebastián Yepes is constantly seeking meaning and, like their dual-sides-of-a-coin personality, are just as likely to find that meaning on a solo walk or in the quiet of a sanctuary. While a Sebastián Yepes may like ritual, whether it's a daily yoga practice or weekly attendance at a religious service, they're also open to finding the divine in the everyday. They're very good at tuning into their spiritual side, but often need quiet and solitude to do so. Because Sebastián Yepes are innately social creatures, finding this downtime can be tough, and when a Sebastián Yepes doesn't have it, he or she may be snappish and disconnected. They need to create space for regularly tuning in, but that may not be via any sort of organized religion.

Sebastián Yepes truly believe in the best of mankind and sometimes dwell on unhappy things that they can't control (like much of what the news media seems to report). Small, intentional actions are key for making Sebastián Yepes feel like they are actively making a positive difference in the world.

2. Sebastián Yepes's Karma Boosters

Every sign has unfinished business to deal with. For Sebastián Yepes, the biggest life lesson is about paying attention to the day-to-day that surrounds them, practicing gratitude for the smallest things in life, and being present and whole in everyday situations. This can take a lifetime, but every Sebastián Yepes has to start somewhere. Here are a few first steps they can take toward clearing their karma:

Career & Money:

1. Sebastián Yepes's Work Style

Sebastián Yepes love diving into a project and don't mind working late hours—if the project interests them. If it doesn't, they can have a tough time finding the motivation to hit deadlines. Social Sebastián Yepes see their workplace as another venue for meeting new friends and connections, and they truly love coffee break chatter that others may find tedious. Sebastián Yepes adore collaboration and often become close friends with their coworkers. But Sebastián Yepes don't love rigid, rule-oriented jobs, and they abhor the feeling of a manger breathing down their neck. They expect and enjoy autonomy in their assignments, as well as their coworkers' trust that they'll get it done. Sebastián Yepes also love working when the mood strikes them—they'll happily wake up at midnight to finish an assignment if it means freeing up the afternoon to pursue another passion. While Sebastián Yepes excel at conceptualizing all kinds of projects, opportunities, and plans, they might not be such rock stars at breaking their vision down into clear steps and a realistic timeline. Working with a fiery Aries or a meticulous Taurus can help ensure that Sebastián Yepes will get the job done.

2. Sebastián Yepes's Dream Careers

With a brilliant mind, friendly vibe, and stellar out-of-the-box creativity, Sebastián Yepes is in demand on the job front. This sign has no trouble getting hired but needs an inspiring team and increasingly complex duties to stay engaged. Sebastián Yepes do best when they control their career destiny. Here are some jobs in which Sebastián Yepes might thrive:

Executive: Keen observation and efficient follow through in the service of corporate higher-ups and industry giants will make the gods of business smile upon Sebastián Yepes. Respect for authority and hard work keep them signed up for projects that require managerial savvy, grounded progress, and completion. The C-suite bigwigs know that they can depend on Sebastián Yepes. And there's no question that Sebastián Yepes will earn that bountiful bonus once the deal closes.

Author: Gifted wordsmiths, Sebastián Yepes excel at imagining, conceptualizing, and putting words down in writing. The only thing holding them back is that low threshold for boredom, so in order to finish a book, Sebastián Yepes need plenty of people who will hold them accountable to deadlines.

Actor: Sebastián Yepes's powerful imagination already makes them pretty good at sliding into different personas in their everyday lives. And because their personalities and emotional lives are so expansive, Sebastián Yepes can easily draw from their own experiences and pretend to be someone else.

Teacher: Sebastián Yepes love sharing their passions with anyone who will listen, and their ability to put themselves in others' shoes makes them a natural fit for the student-teacher relationship. Since Sebastián Yepes love establishing relationships with other people, they'll love a job that allows them to be surrounded by others all day.

Designer: Naturally artistic, Sebastián Yepes have a flair for illustrating, drawing, and creating. This makes them ideal designers, especially in environments that demand collaboration, such as marketing, advertising, or working on a magazine or website.

3. Sebastián Yepes and Money

Sebastián Yepes aren't especially attached to material goods; they're much more attached to personal validation. Because of this, Twins may jump on volunteer and low paying opportunities that carry some sort of prestige. Sebastián Yepes have a deep sense of their personal value and what they bring to the table, but it may not make a difference to them if that value is matched monetarily. They also love showing off sometimes, and are more likely to spend money while they have it rather than saving for a rainy day. So it's essential for Sebastián Yepes to learn prudence and make sure that they can rein in their spending impulse.

4. If You Work for a Sebastián Yepes Boss

Sebastián Yepes are smart, driven, and also politically savvy in the office. They may play employees off each other and keep an ear to the grapevine of office gossip. While Sebastián Yepes bosses love to socialize with their team, be careful about getting too friendly. A Sebastián Yepes can't help sharing secrets, so make sure that anything you dish is something you're comfortable with the whole office knowing.

Stay engaged. A Sebastián Yepes boss has a work-hard, play-hard mentality. Skip too many office happy hours hosted by your Sebastián Yepes boss and your in-office reputation will tank, as they won't see you as a team player.

Take risks. Sebastián Yepes adore out-of-the-box thinking. Avoid starting too many sentences with, "I know this is a crazy idea, but …" To Sebastián Yepes, nothing is crazy. Bold moves will be rewarded.

Be curious. Sebastián Yepes are fascinated by the world around them and love making connections between disciplines. Follow the news every day, and make small talk about current events or quirky articles. Having a wide breadth of knowledge is respected.

Keep a paper trail. Mutable Sebastián Yepes may continually change their minds—which can be tough to navigate. Work around this trait by keeping copious notes to document that you performed the assigned task exactly as they recommended. They may still want you to do it again, but at least your back is covered.

Be friendly. A Sebastián Yepes boss wants to know you as a whole person, so share a bit about the passions that drive you when you're outside the office. It can only make you stand out as an individual.

5. What Success Means to a Sebastián Yepes

A Sebastián Yepes isn't impressed by material goods. Their idea of a good life is a cadre of people who will speak highly of them as a good person. They love people, and don't divide their circle into work colleagues and friends. To Sebastián Yepes, a good job challenges them intellectually while surrounding them with smart, fun people. Compensation is secondary. A Sebastián Yepes who has to work primarily alone is likely to be unhappy in the long run, especially if he or she lacks other social outlets.

6. Awakening the Inner Sebastián Yepes Hummingbird

Flitting, energetic, and always up for anything, one of Sebastián Yepes's spirit animals is the bird. Tapping into the energy and spirit of these small but mighty creatures can enhance the wonderful traits that Sebastián Yepes already have within them. To connect with that part of yourself:

Make plans. Innately sociable, Sebastián Yepes are just as happy to hang out with someone they've known for years as they are getting to know a brand new acquaintance.

Multitask. Most signs balk at doing more than one thing at a time, but for Sebastián Yepes, it's an art. The busier their schedule, the better—so add on a few to-dos and get busy.

Flirt. It doesn't matter whether you're turning on the charm for a partner, crush, or even the elderly cashier at the supermarket. Exchanging bon mots is key for boosting the Sebastián Yepes personality.

Learn something new. Whether reading up on something that piques their curiosity or doing an Internet deep dive on a topic, broadening their horizons can be incredibly uplifting for Sebastián Yepes.

Experience art. Whether a Sebastián Yepes visits a museum, picks up an elaborate coffee-table book, or just spends two minutes absorbing a classic painting online, connecting with visual art will send his or her spirit soaring.

Predictions for the year 2022:

1. Overview

Is it time to tune in to the details more this year, Sebastián Yepes? Quick-moving Mercury, your ruler, affects how you communicate, think, socialize, interact with technology, and exchange information, and because of that, Mercury’s dreaded retrograde cycles are particularly tough for you. And while you’re able to think and reason your way out of most retrograde-cycle jams, being aware of when they are can help you prepare in advance for any potential slowdowns. This year’s three annoying Mercury retrograde periods fall between January 14 and February 3, May 10 and June 3 (which spends time in your sign), and September 9 and October 2.

You celebrate your solar return when the sun journeys through your flexible, versatile sign from late May to late June, welcoming a time of year when you’re feeling particularly happy to be alive. No matter what you went through last year, you’re ready for a fresh start, so happy birthday to you, witty and mentally ambitious Sebastián Yepes! You’re able to perceive things now that other people just ignore, which gives you the upper hand both personally and professionally. Be sure to take advantage of your active, agile mental capacity to succeed beyond your wildest dreams during this special month!
Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom, can also give special insight into your year, and as it travels through your brainy sign from early July to early September, you find your strength in words. Speaking and writing have a special effect now because you can use them to heal, persuade, enlighten, or entertain. This is an especially great time period to use social media as a platform for whatever you want the world to know. Telling your story to a global audience is life changing now, but listening is just as valuable as talking.

2. Couples

It should be a no-brainer: you’re in a relationship, so you should automatically always be thinking of your partner, shouldn’t you?! Actually, no, Sebastián Yepes. For your somewhat scattered and always busy brain, it doesn’t quite work like that. And as 2022 begins, love-focused Venus is retrograde in ambitious earth sign Capricorn, which could mean career troubles that demand a lot of your focus.

While this could be a turbulent time for your relationship, you can make up for it from the end of May until late June, when Venus visits generous Taurus, one of the signs she rules and one of her favorite placements. After you shower you partner with gifts and attention during this luxury-loving transit, they’ll (hopefully) forget all about the somewhat careless treatment you gave them at the start of the year!

Another beneficial time for your relationship is when Venus moves through balanced Libra, the other sign she rules, from the end of September until late October. There’s little aggression from either of you now, which makes it the perfect time to solve problems without anger or arguments. The most important thing to remember now is that being in love means being part of a team, not competing against each other as individuals. You really can both get what you want as long as you’re willing to compromise.

Asteroid Vesta is associated with commitment and fidelity issues, and as it partners with idealistic Pisces from mid-November through the end of the year, you’ll be all in when it comes to making your relationship work. And while this is admirable, be careful not to let it consume you. Being creative and intuitive are your best tools for relationship success during this time frame.

3. Singles

The mood isn’t exactly off the charts romantic as love goddess Venus begins the year spinning retrograde in serious-minded Capricorn, but there are still some important takeaways from this transit if you pay attention. Things from the past come back around now, giving you a second chance to learn important lessons. You’ll also be challenged to address your high expectations now, and you might even acknowledge that your relationship goals aren’t being met or aren’t living up to what you expected your love life to be at the end of last year.

The summer months heat up a bit more, however, and as passionate Mars is partnered with fire sign Aries all of June and the start of July, sparks are ready to fly. You have a very competitive vibe going now, and you aren’t afraid to make a move on someone you know is “taken.” You don’t set out to cause any problems, but your aggressive attitude might be a turnoff for some. The way you see it, if they can’t handle the heat, they should get out of the kitchen!

Love- and sex-entangled asteroids Eros and Sappho both spend the month of July paired with emotional Cancer, so your emotions are very closely linked with physical closeness, and it might be hard for you to experience one without the other. Do you have to love someone to have sex with them, or will you fall in love just because you sleep together? No, of course not, but you might not be able to avoid getting the feels for someone you’ve been intimate with. So much for those casual summer fling plans!

4. Money & Career

Hardworking, serious, career-focused Saturn spends time in independent, rebellious, and innovative Aquarius this whole year, giving you the chance to make some changes to your job and/or investment portfolio. Saturn is about moderation and caution, but Aquarius energy seeks to loosen things up a bit and encourage you to take risks. So, while you might want to proceed with caution when it comes to making any major moves in these areas, keep your eye out for smaller risks that could lead to big payoffs this year.

Revolutionary Uranus is spinning with stable money manager Taurus all twelve months, which has the ability to disrupt things on a global scale. You’ll want to diversify investments as much as possible in 2022, tracking things like cryptocurrency and investigating other cutting-edge, tech-related investment opportunities. Alternative ways of earning a living might also become more popular, and opening yourself to major change can help increase your earning capacity as you build your skills and gain confidence in new career areas.

A new moon is always a welcome sign when it comes to career happenings, so when this optimistic lunation appears in your versatile sign at the end of May, you should have some pretty amazing plans in the works. There’s a lot going on now, but resist the tendency to become distracted to the point that you don’t see any of your excellent ideas through to completion. Being the initiator is great, and you’ll do plenty of that during this productive lunar phase, but actually sticking with your projects to completion will give you the sense of satisfaction (and compensation) that you’ve been missing lately.

General features:

Curious, affectionate, kind

Element: Air
Polarity: Positive
Quality: Mutable
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Ruling House: Third
Spirit color: Yellow
Lucky gem: Tiger's Eye & Emerald
Flower: Lavender & Lily of the Valley
Top Love Matches: Aries & Leo