Famous of United States

1. Ebenezer Elmer (1752)

American Politician

Ebenezer Elmer was an American physician from Bridgeton New Jersey. He represented New Jersey in the U. S. Congress from the Democratic-Republican Party from 1801 to 1807. Elmer's older brother...

2. Lauren Compton (1987)


Actress and standup comedian known for appearing on Showtime's I'm Dying Up Here and HBO's Here, Now. She also earned a leading role in the Justin Lin feature film HELP. 

3. Sherry Roberts (1968)


4. Trevor Fehrman (1981)

American Actor

Trevor Gregory Fehrman is an American actor. Trevor was born and grew up in South St. Paul Minnesota where he performed in theater at his high school and did local...

5. Frank Diven (1859)

American Baseball Player

Robert Diven was a professional baseball player who played pitcher in the Major Leagues for the 1883 Baltimore Orioles of the American Association and outfielder for the 1886 New York...

6. Mark Biltz (1956)


Mark Biltz is a famous Pastor, who was born on June 25, 1956 in United States. According to Astrologers, Mark Biltz's zodiac sign is Cancer.
Mark Biltz (born June 25, 1956)...

7. Siupeli Malamala (1969)

American Football Player

Siupeli Malamala is a former professional American football offensive lineman. He played offensive tackle and offensive guard in the NFL for the New York Jets from 1992–1999. He played in...

8. Rudy Hackett (1953)

American Basketball Player-coach

Rudolph Hackett is a retired American professional basketball player. He was a 6'9 and 210 lb forward and played collegiately at Syracuse University. Hackett was selected with the 1st pick...

9. Diann Burns (1956)

News Anchor

Diann Burns is an American television news anchor; a nine-time Emmy Award-winner. She is best known for her years as prime-time anchor in Chicago the second largest market weekdays at...

10. Nick Bogdan (2002)

TikTok Star

Comedian on TikTok who went by the username of bogzyy. His entertaining short-form videos have earned him a fan base of more than 40,000 on TikTok alone.

11. Abbie Ensign (1996)

YouTube Star

Travel, lifestyle, and LGBTQ content creator who is recognized for publishing videos on her Abbie & Julia YouTube channel alongside her wife, Julia Ensign. She built a fanbase by regularly uploading two new...

12. Jane Lynch (1960)


Actress whose role as cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester in Glee earned her an Emmy Award as well as a People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Comedy Actress. Her film credits include The 40-Year-Old...

13. Clinton Burrell (1956)

American Football Player

Clinton Blane Burrell is a former professional American football defensive back in the National Football League. He played six seasons for the Cleveland Browns. Clinton attended Louisiana State University prior...

14. Corey Bonalewicz (1988)

Facebook Star

Radio personality and web star who goes by the name Corey B. He's known for his work as a DJ for Kidd Nation. He became an on air personality for...

15. Juicy J (1975)


Grammy-winning songwriter best known as a member of Three 6 Mafia. He, along with the other members of his group, received an Academy Award for Best Original Song for "It's Hard...

16. Denise Page Hood (1952)

United States Federal Judge

Denise Page Hood is a United States federal judge. Born in Columbus Ohio Hood received a B. A. from Yale University in 1974 and a J. D. from Columbia Law...

17. Jeff Garner (1978)


Jeff Garner is an American fashion designer and artist recently named one of the hottest upcoming fashion designers. His designs are sold in luxury boutiques throughout America Canada and the...

18. Lisa Bender (1978)


Lisa Bender is a famous Politician, who was born on May 11, 1978 in United States. Elizabeth Peterson “Lisa” Bender (born May 11, 1978) is an American Minnesota DFL politician...

19. Lauren Loebrick (2000)

YouTube Star

Social media star who has gained fame for her self-titled YouTube channel. She has risen to massive popularity as a vlogger for her beauty, lifestyle, and adventure entries. 

20. Jill Enfield (1954)

Photographer And Hand Coloring A

Jill Enfield is a photographer and hand coloring artist best known for her work in alternative photographic processes such as Cyanotype and Collodion process.

21. David Kajganich (1969)


22. Lee Tschantret (1969)

American Soccer Player-coach

Lee Tschantret is a retired defender who plays in the National Indoor Soccer League for the Philadelphia KiXX. Prior to joining the KiXX he spent most of his career in...

23. Ann Handley (1963)

Self-help Author

Writer and self help author who specializes in marketing driven content for different independent businesses. She is known for her self-titled blog as well as her popular best-selling book Everybody...

24. AllMerryEverything (1991)

YouTube Star

Reaction YouTuber who has earned more than 90,000 subscribers to her channel, allMERRYeverything. She is known to fans for her many ongoing series, including "Merry Mondays," "Test it or Taste it...

25. Leigh Smith (1981)


Leigh Smith is a famous Explorer, who was born on August 28, 1981 in United States. According to Astrologers, Leigh Smith's zodiac sign is Virgo.
Leigh Smith (born August 28, 1981)...

26. Wibs Kautz (1915)

Professional Basketball Player

bert Wibs Kautz was a professional basketball player who spent three seasons in the National Basketball League and one season in the Basketball Association of America. His career in the...

27. Nyx Fears (1993)

YouTube Star

YouTuber who offers in-depth reviews and analysis of a wide array of films on her popular channel, Nyx Fears. Her thoughts on movies ranging from cult classics like Eraserhead to...

28. Scott Stallings (1985)

Professional Golfer

Scott Stallings is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour.

29. Bradley McDougald (1990)

American Football Player

Safety who is famous for his career in the NFL. He spent his 2013-2016 seasons as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back-up safety, and set then-career highs in interceptions in 2016. 

30. William B. Spong, Jr. (1920)

American Politician

Belser Spong Jr. was a Democratic Party politician and a United States Senator who represented the state of Virginia from 1966 to 1973. Spong was born in Portsmouth Virginia...

31. Christina Grimmie (1994)

American Singer

YouTube sensation who uploaded covers of songs by Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato on various social media outlets. She competed on The Voice's sixth season in 2014. 

32. Steven Paul Whitsitt (1960)


Steven Paul Whitsitt is a famous Photographer, who was born on October 25, 1960 in United States. According to Astrologers, Steven Paul Whitsitt's zodiac sign is Scorpio.
Born in Port Huron,...

33. Rob Lowe (1964)


Part of Hollywood's Brat Pack who starred in the 1985 film St. Elmo's Fire and played a lead role in Parks and Recreation. His other films include Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,...

34. Jason Acuña (1973)

Actor Television Host

Known as Wee Man, this four foot daredevil skateboarder from the Jackass movies also hosted Fox's skateboarding series 54321.

35. Ashlynne Dae (1991)

Instagram Star

Cosplayer who has won more than 280,000 Instagram followers with her highly-detailed cosplays of characters like Elsa from Frozen and Sonya from Street Fighter. She was won cosplay contests at events like Long...

36. Shweihninzy (1991)

YouTube Star

YouTube beauty enthusiast who is known for her Shweihninzy YouTube channel. She has gained renown for her frequent makeup tutorial and un-packaging videos, as well as her collection of Silly...

37. Ginger Lynn Allen (1962)


Born in Rockford, Illinois, on December 14, 1962, Ginger Lynn Allen went to California in 1982 to visit her ill grandfather. She decided to stay and found employment as a...

38. KeshKesh (2002)


39. Susan Phillips (politician) (1949)

American Politician

Susan Phillips is a small businessperson and a Republican member of the Missouri House of Representatives. She resides in Kansas City Missouri with her husband Keith Phillips. They have three...

40. Sal Randolph (1959)

American Artist

Sal Randolph is an American artist and theorist who works with issues of gift-giving money alternate economies and social architecture. She founded the non-curated sound-exchange web project Opsound which functions...

41. Todd Russ (1961)


Todd Russ is a famous Politician, who was born on January 8, 1961 in United States. Todd Russ (born January 8, 1961) is an American politician who has served in...

42. George Hubela (1978)


Well known as GEO or Hip Hop Geo, he is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer who is the owner and director of the Icon Dance Complex who choreographed the ICONic...

43. Jimmy Patronis (1972)

Florida State Representative

Jimmy Patronis is a Republican member of the Florida House of Representatives representing the 6th District which includes Panama City and other parts of southern Bay County since 2006.

44. Luz María Umpierre (Unknow)

Puerto Rican Writer

Luz María Umpierre-Herrera is a Puerto Rican poet scholarNew-humanist educator and human rights advocate who lives in the United States. She is also known as Luzma Umpierre. She is widely...

45. Tristan Lake Leabu (1999)


Award-winning actor who has won acclaim for his performances in movies like Superman Returns (2006), All American Christmas Carol (2013), and Losing in Love (2016). In 2017, he began playing Reed...

46. Shuggie Otis (1953)

American Singer

Singer-songwriter and blues guitarist who sang "Inspiration Information" in 1974.

47. Tobias A. Plants (1811)


Tobias Avery Plants was a U. S. Representative from Ohio. Born at Sewickley Pennsylvania Plants apprenticed to a saddler at the age of twelve. He received a limited common school...

48. Carl Wilkens (1958)

American Activist

Carl Wilkens is the former head of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency International in Rwanda. In 1994 he was the only American who chose to remain in the country...

49. Shawn Bordeaux (1967)


Shawn Bordeaux is a famous Politician, who was born on June 9, 1967 in United States. Shawn L. Bordeaux (born June 9, 1967) is an American politician. He has served...

50. Christina El Moussa (1983)

Real Estate Broker

Christina El Moussa is a famous Real Estate Broker, who was born on July 9, 1983 in United States. Christina Meursinge Haack Anstead (formerly El Moussa; born July 9, 1983)...

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22. Cross My Heart (1991)


Young Martin has been acting strange. At his school, his teacher and classmates notice that he is less talkative and more withdrawn. When those around him begin to prod,...

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