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Yvette Clarke

Countdown Birthday
BirthdayNov 21 1964
BirplaceNew York City, New York
CountryUnited States
Age59 years old
Birth sign: Scorpio


Yvette Diane Clarke is a Democratic member of the US House of Representatives from New York. She is ranking member of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emerging Threats Cybersecurity Science and Technology.

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Democratic Representative from New York who served the 11th District from 2007 to 2013. He was elected to represent the 9th District in 2013.

Before Fame:

In 2001, she took over a seat on the New York City Council previously held by her mother and headed up numerous task forces, including one dedicated to HIV/AIDS and one on sanitation.


She was highly critical of the Bush administration, including the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the enactment of the Patriot Act.

Family Life:

Her parents were Jamaican immigrants to Brooklyn and her mother held a seat on the New York City Council for more than ten years.

Associated With:

In September of 2012, she was interviewed by Stephen Colbert for his Better Know a District segment.

Religion Episcopal Church
Residence Brooklyn, New York
Given Name Yvette
Country Of Citizenship United States Of America

Personality traits:

1. Prediction of Yvette Clarke personality

Passionate, independent, and unafraid to blaze their own trail no matter what others think, Yvette Clarke signs make a statement wherever they go. They love debates, aren't afraid of controversy, and won't back down from a debate. They also hate people who aren't genuine, and are all about being authentic—even if authentic isn't pretty.

2. Yvette Clarke's Greatest Gifts

So many other signs spend valuable time and energy beating around the bush, desperately trying to find an approach that makes the fewest waves when it comes to confronting a conflict. Not Yvette Clarke. Blessed with a deep sense of self, Yvette Clarke is always able to say exactly what's on their mind, even if it's not what people want to hear. Yvette Clarke is forthright and honest, and those two characteristics commandeer a ton of respect, both at home and at work.

3. Yvette Clarke's Greatest Challenges

Repeat after us: It's all right to cry. Yvette Clarke tries to hard to seem tough that they sometimes cut off their vulnerable side entirely, seeming prickly, uncaring, and cold to outsiders. While expressing emotion is scary, learning how to do it is key for Yvette Clarke, since presenting an "I don't care" veneer can only work for so long before it get's exhausting!

4. Yvette Clarke's Secret Weapon

Their empathy. Also it may not seem this way at first glance, watchful Yvette Clarke can read a room very quickly and can clue into how everyone else is feeling. Because of this, they can immediately tune into someone who needs TLC and often knows the right thing to say or do to change the mood or tener of a room when it needs to be changed.

5. The 5 Top Reasons to Love Being a Yvette Clarke

  • Passionate and intense, your sign is sexy with a capital S. You don't even have to try, and know sexy is an attitude you can present just as well in sweats as you can in stillettos.
  • You know what you want and go after it—no questions asked.
  • You don't get intimidated easily, and stand up for injustice when you see it.
  • You have a unique sense of humor. You're not afraid to say what other people are thinking, and your sometimes cynical take on the world is creative, smart, and funny as hell.
  • You're passionate. When you decide to put your heart on full display, there's no stopping you—which is why you should do it more often!


1. What Are Yvette Clarkes Like As Friends?

A Yvette Clarke friend will tell you like it is, whether you want to know or not. The good news: You never have to worry about where you stand with a Yvette Clarke; they will let you know. But you will have to realize that a Yvette Clarke won't BS you or lie to you—and they will absolutely let you know when you haven't lived up to your potential. A Yvette Clarke can be a friend for life, and can make you laugh harder, think deeper, and have more fun than you ever thought possible. So don't be so sensitive and go along for the ride.

2. Best Friend Match for Yvette Clarke: Aquarius

This water sign and air match are an ideal friendship match, perfectly up for taking each other to task when necessary. The two signs are idealistic, passionate, and prefer the company of themselves rather than spending time with a person they deem toxic.

3. How to Make Friends with a Yvette Clarke

Push the envelope. Tell them exactly what's on your mind, especially if it's unedited—even if it's critical. Yvette Clarke loves seeing what other people really think.

4. How to Stay Friends with a Yvette Clarke

Check in on them. A Yvette Clarke friend can present a tough exterior (see the hard outer shell of a scorpion!) but they can get hurt easily, and sometimes have a tough time admitting vulnerability. Asking how they're really feeling, and giving them the time and space to tell you, will make your connection strong for life.

5. 3 Reasons Why Yvette Clarke Make Great Friends

  • Yvette Clarke friends keep life interesting. They're drawn to the deeper mysteries of existence, and will always push you to think harder and more intensely about issues than you ever have before.
  • Yvette Clarke are incredibly loyal—which means not holding back if you've messed up or haven't lived up to your potential. A Yvette Clarke will make sure you're always the best person you can be.
  • Daring Yvette Clarke will push you to push your own limits, resulting in the funniest, most epic memories you'll cherish for a lifetime.


1. Yvette Clarke in Love

Ruled by fiery Mars and destructive Pluto, a Yvette Clarke in love has one mode for relationships—and that's full-on. Yvette Clarke loves romance and passion, including up-all-night fights. Yvette Clarke never does anything halfway, and believes that true love comes with true fights.

Flirtatious, seductive, and mysterious, Yvette Clarke loves playing hard to get initially, and may look like they never take the lead. This isn't true, though. Yvette Clarke can pull the strings, relying on body language and subconscious cues to make their potential partner do exactly what they want them to do. Yvette Clarke loves the chase, and loves the drama and pageantry that comes with initial dates. They love going all out with outfits, reservations, and candles and truly want to be the best date you've ever had.

While Yvette Clarke may seem like they're well-versed in love, and they love seduction, they can be cautious when it comes to settling into an LTR. That's because water sign Yvette Clarke hides a lot of emotion underneath their surface, and when they open up to a significant other, they want it to be for life. When a Yvette Clarke does let their guard down, it's a big deal, and a sign they truly want the relationship to last.

2. Favorite Date Nights for Yvette Clarke

Bring on the reservations, the candles, and the dimly lit cocktail bars, because Yvette Clarke adores the glamour and intrigue that comes with first dates. To Yvette Clarke wining and dining is an art, and they adore bringing their dates to places that make them feel like they've stumbled into an exotic country. To Yvette Clarke, dating is all about letting go of the every day and getting lost in fantasy.

3. The Deal with Yvette Clarke and Fire Signs

It's common for water sign Yvette Clarke to become downright obsessed with fire signs—the sign they aren't supposed to go for. So why the attraction, and can it ever work?

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) speak to Yvette Clarke's intense passion. But while fire signs are all intense energy, Yvette Clarke has a well of emotion underneath—when Yvette Clarke gets mad, they stay mad, unlike fire signs who can get over it seconds later. Yvette Clarke and fire signs both seem similar on the surface, but often have trouble speaking each other's language—fire signs communicate in actions, while Yvette Clarke is all about emotion. The result? Tons of mixed messages, followed by a fiery breakup, maybe a temporary reunion, and an even more intense final goodbye.

But it can work! The trick is that each partner has to stop thinking their way is the "right" way, and stop trying to change their partner. Yvette Clarke needs to step back and let some things roll off their back, and come up with coping mechanisms that don't involve the silent treatment. Fire signs need to learn that emotions are real, even if you can't see them. And together, these signs can create some serious sparks.

4. How to Seduce a Yvette Clarke

If you have your eye on a Yvette Clarke, be ready to be rejected at least once. It's not you, it's their sign. Deep down, strong Yvette Clarke may have rejection fears of their own, and trying rejection on you is one way to make sure you're serious about them. Here, how to make sure a Yvette Clarke knows you truly want them and get them to fall for you.

Be funny. Yvette Clarke loves independent thinkers, and a sarcastic quip or comment will go a long way in their book. The less you worry about looking "cool," the better.

Have your own life. Yvette Clarke is not interested in a codependent relationship and shies away from someone who seems like they "need" a romance to seem complete. Having a full life of friends, family, and hobbies makes it clear you want them in your life.

Own your intelligence. Yvette Clarke has a soft spot for smarts, and loves when someone they like shows just how intelligent they are. Read the news, talk about books you've recently read, and strive to learn at least one new thing every day. It will drive a Yvette Clarke wild.

5. How to Make Love to a Yvette Clarke

Yvette Clarke is known for being one of the most intensely sexual signs of the Zodiac, but don't assume that means Yvette Clarke is sex starved. For Yvette Clarke, sex is to be savored, and they truly appreciate a partner who takes their time, learns what they like, and focuses on all senses to bring Yvette Clarke to the next level of pleasure.

Yvette Clarke believes sex is an all body and all mind event, so incorporate their mind. Yvette Clarke is intrigued by BDSM because of the psychological component; playing with calling your partner sir or miss, or indulging in some role play goes a long way in bringing Yvette Clarke over the edge.

Yvette Clarke loves foreplay, which often begins during date night. A sidelong glance, whisper, or gentle caress speaks volumes. Make sure to worship a Yvette Clarke's body by touching it, complimenting it, and truly learning how it works and what pleases them, and they will return the favor.

6. If You Love a Yvette Clarke Woman

Realize you will never truly know her. Yvette Clarke women are mysterious, and it takes a lifetime for her to even understand herself. The worst thing you can do is try to pretend you know her better than she knows herself—it's not true, and the statement will make her resent you. Give her space, let her breathe, and make it clear that no matter what happens, you're her partner through the good and the bad, and you want to be by her side no matter what.

7. How to Communicate with a Yvette Clarke Woman

Talk through the hard stuff. Yvette Clarke's intuition is finely tuned, so when something's off in the relationship, she knows it. Pretending everything's fine when you're having problems will only drive a wedge between you both. You may feel like you're dwelling on negativity, but practical Yvette Clarke believes talking through things and being direct and pragmatic is key to a long and happy life together. Sweep things under the rug, and you'll soon find yourself seeking the door.

10. Should You Marry a Yvette Clarke?

Yes! Loyal, passionate, and funny as hell, a Yvette Clarke is one of a kind. You'll never laugh harder, fight harder, or be more in love than you are with a Yvette Clarke. Is life intense? Yes. But you'll soon realize you wouldn't want it any other way.

11. 3 Signs That Yvette Clarke is Playing for Keeps

Yvette Clarke may seem aloof and uncaring, but these three subtle signs show they want you in their life—and may just be ready to come out of their shell.

  • They talk about their childhood. Private Yvette Clarke sometimes doesn't share info about their past—even if it was happy—because that seems overly intimate. Once they share stories about their past, it's a sign that they see you in their future.
  • They talk beliefs. Yvette Clarke are seekers, and are innately in tune with the divine—whatever that means for them. But they won't share their belief system with just anyone. Them opening up to you shows that they trust you.
  • They apologize first. Apologies are tough for Yvette Clarke, even though they know they can sometimes have a tendency to fly off the handle. If they admit they're wrong, it's a big step in trying to compromise and trying to make you happy.

12. Yvette Clarke Relationship Red Flags

Let's get one thing straight: Yvette Clarke cares a lot. So when they talk through a relationship issue for hours on end (which they will, even for minor stuff like the way you leave the toilet paper roll) it's a sign they care. When they don't talk or walk away from a fight? It's a sign they're just not invested.

Another red flag? When Yvette Clarke fails to keep your feeling in account. Yvette Clarke is incredibly in tune with emotions, so if they find themselves not checking in with you, saying something hurtful without apologizing, or seeming callous about how you may be feeling, it's a big sign that Yvette Clarke is on their way out.

13. How Yvette Clarke Deals with a Broken Heart

Deep down, Yvette Clarke loves the cleansing feeling that comes with totally feeling the agony of a broken heart. Of course, Yvette Clarke would rather not deal with a break up in the first place, but when they face one, they do it right. They cry, they play sad music, they allow themselves to wallow in bed—they feel all the feelings.

And then, they get over it, and may be out flirting with other people, seeming fine the next week. Yvette Clarke knows it takes a long time for their heart to truly mend, but their motto when it comes to breakups is feel the feelings ... then fake it until you make it.


1. For the Yvette Clarke in Your Life

Best gifts: A beautiful scarf, a candle, or some essential oils. Yvette Clarkes love accessories that elevate all of their senses.

Best spa package: Reiki. Sure, it's not exactly a spa treatment, but Yvette Clarke, with their genuine interest in the metaphysical love that a treatment doesn't require touch to be effective, and love the way reiki allows them to tune into themselves while getting attuned.

Best Cocktail: Malbec, or any other rich, deep, red wine. Yvette Clarke can't resist a deep red wine, preferably sipped with a lover.

2. How Yvette Clarke Unwinds

Unwhat? Yvette Clarke is always on, always watchful, and always have the wheels in their mind turning. Yvette Clarke love art—the more intense and boundary-pushing, the better—and adore meeting new people, especially if they can rise to the challenge of sparring with them. Yvette Clarke does crave alone time, and finds that hiking, journaling, or going to a moody bar or restaurant by themselves and having a conversation with a stranger can help them connect to their true selves.

3. Yvette Clarke's Social Life

Yvette Clarke has the pick of who to hang out with, and everyone is entranced, captivated, and—ok, a little afraid—of them. Yvette Clarke tends to do their own thing, and isn't pulled by peer pressure. Yvette Clarke adores fine wine, fancy restaurants, and A-list access, and loves getting a behind-the-scenes look into a party. Because of this, they tend to make friends with artists, chefs, and other people who set the pulse of a city. In addition, they are often the pulse of a city, and find that a job that can combine their social life and real life is often ideal.

4. Yvette Clarke's Favorite Season

Their birthdays are in late fall, and Yvette Clarke loves cold snaps, dusky weather, and long, dark nights just made for cuddling up on sensuous sheets. Yvette Clarke adores evening, and adores long nights that last well into the wee hours. Yvette Clarke also isn't afraid of a cold snap—they're happy to be out in all elements, and love the wild and sexy unpredictability of a raging winter storm.

5. The Best Vacations for Yvette Clarke

Yvette Clarke love going places where no one else has gone before, and is all about exclusive, intimate tours of foreign cities. They love meeting locals, and have a special charm and knack for getting introduced to VIPs in whatever city they're in—even if they're only visiting for 24 hours. Yvette Clarke bypasses the so-called tourist attractions in favor of small boutiques, insider-only restaurants, and other experiences they deem authentic.

6. Yvette Clarke's Power Colors

Confident, in control, and the center of attention in all situations, Yvette Clarke can use different colors to enhance their already prodigious natural gifts. Colors that inspire Yvette Clarke include:

Red: This fiery color speaks to Yvette Clarke's innate intensity, and also highlights their passion—when they love something, they love it.

Mauve: Purple, the color of royals, speaks to the majestic way Yvette Clarke carries themselves.

Blue: Even though they're fiery, it's important to remember that Yvette Clarke is a water sign. The blue speaks to their mutable emotions and can channel their empathy and understanding.

Gray: Silver and changing, like the moon, a grayish-silver hue speaks to the shifting intensity in Yvette Clarke's internal emotional landscape.

These are the colors that Yvette Clarke should avoid:

Yellow: This bright, one-tone color screams sunny optimism, when Yvette Clarke is known for seeing all sides of a situation.

Green: Yvette Clarke is more drawn to brown earth tones—think, the trunk of a tree rather than the leaves. Green can be too one-dimensional for complicated Yvette Clarke.

Orange: This color is often given to those in the spotlight, and while Yvette Clarke naturally draws attention, they don't necessarily seek it out.


1. The Best Fitness Routines for Yvette Clarke

Boxing. Whether it's getting in the ring or just taking classes, you thrive on breaking a sweat and, bonus, can simultaneously get rid of frustrations that are plaguing you.

2. About Those Yvette Clarke Below the Belt Issues

For Yvette Clarke, their sex organs are one of their biggest joys and biggest headaches. Yvette Clarke sees sex as a union of the mind and body, and when they're not feeling fully in tune with themselves or a relationship, they're likely to feel less than great below the belt. The upside is that Yvette Clarke has learned that absolute honesty—in and out of the bedroom—can help feel them as healthy as they can be. Yvette Clarke won't lie or cheat—the sex won't be enjoyable, and it's just not worth it. The more honest they are with themselves, the more happy their parts will be!

3. The Top 10 Ways Yvette Clarke Can Beat the Blues

Let's be honest: Sometimes Yvette Clarke wants to feel down in the dumps. But when it's time to rise to the top—something Yvette Clarke is so good at—they have the tools and skills to do so. Here's how.

4. Healing Herbs for Yvette Clarke's roller coaster emotions:

Aloe vera: Can soothe Yvette Clarke's intensity and remind them to cool down!

Raspberry leaf: Connects to the reproductive organs to help them calm down (especially if a female Yvette Clarke is suffering from cramps) and can help soothe any nerves.

Ginger: Spicy and intense, adding ginger to a recipe or using as a supplement can help calm Yvette Clarke's anxiety.

Coriander: used often in love spells, this herb can help Yvette Clarke tune into their passion and make sure their passion is being directed toward good.


1. Yvette Clarke's Spiritual Side

Yvette Clarke is intense, passionate, and will never do ritual just for ritual sake. A Yvette Clarke has to truly believe in something to commit to it, and when they do, they commit 100%. Many Yvette Clarke find themselves as spiritual leaders, as other people admire their commitment to dogma. Yvette Clarke believes that religion and spirituality can be passionate and intense, and wants to "feel" their spirituality. For Yvette Clarke, spirituality is a full-body experience, and often, Yvette Clarke finds spiritual intensity through intense physical exercise or a physical experience. Yvette Clarke believes in breaking boundaries and will often pick and choose from different spiritual and religious teachings to find the one that's most meaningful to them.

2. Yvette Clarke's Karma Boosters

Every sign has to deal with unfinished business. For Yvette Clarke, the biggest life lesson is learning how to temper their passion and choose a middle way. This can take a lifetime, but Yvette Clarke has to start somewhere. Here are a few first steps that any Yvette Clarke can take towards clearing their karma:

Career & Money:

1. Yvette Clarke's Work Style

Yvette Clarke is all about burning the candle at both ends—when they're passionate about a project. It can take a few false starts for Yvette Clarke to find their footing, and when Yvette Clarke doesn't like the team they're on at work, watch out. Yvette Clarke would much rather do the work solo than attempt to work with people they feel don't bring anything to the table.

Yvette Clarke are fiercely intelligent and amazing multi taskers, so they thrive at being entrepreneurs. Yvette Clarke is committed, and can see a project through to a final vision. Yvette Clarke needs independence and trust to pull off a project, and hates having someone else look over their shoulder.

Yvette Clarke can be a demanding boss, but can also be one that employees love. They are fair, exacting, and want their employees to be the best they can be. They're great at spotting and nurturing talent, and inspire people to work their hardest.

2. Yvette Clarke's Dream Careers

Tech entrepreneur: Yvette Clarke loves technology, and has a big-picture vision and technical skills to match. Yvette Clarke isn't afraid of long hours and also loves the big reward that may come with working in tech.

Film director: Perfectionist Yvette Clarke loves having their hands in all aspects of a production, and usually has an artistic vision they can manifest through film.

Restaurateur: Yvette Clarke is a foodie, and loves everything that goes into a restaurant, including the ambiance, the wine list, and of course, the menu. Yvette Clarke also loves schmoozing, and being in a see-and-be-seen restaurant is a Yvette Clarke dream.

Agent: Whether it's sports or film, Yvette Clarke is good at speaking up and asking for the best deal. They're also great at reading through contracts, negotiating, and enjoying the limelight. Yvette Clarke much prefers to be behind the scenes and is happy to think big picture when it comes to a client's career, especially since they know that they're the ones who are really pulling all the strings and holding all the power.

Spy: Secretive, intelligent, and willing to play their cards close to their chest, Yvette Clarke makes an excellent spy. Yvette Clarke loves the intrigue, but also isn't afraid to push up their sleeves and get to work.

3. Yvette Clarke and Money

Yvette Clarke has a complicated relationship with money. Their intelligence and street smarts means they make money easily, but their love of luxury means that it's also easily spent. Yvette Clarke can get frustrated because they know what they "should" be doing with their cash, but sometimes have a hard time having enough discipline to follow through. Yvette Clarke can get jealous when others have more than they have, especially if they perceive the person who has it isn't as intelligent or hardworking as them. The more Yvette Clarke takes charge of their money, including proactively investing, the better they'll feel.

4. If You Work for a Yvette Clarke Boss

Repeat after us: It's not personal. A Yvette Clarke boss might make you cry or feel like sh*t. They aren't doing it because they're out to get you. A Yvette Clarke boss looks at work product much more than personality, and doesn't put a lot of stock in personal connections. IF you work hard, a Yvette Clarke boss likes you. No politics here. Here's more about what they're like:

Street Smart. The Yvette Clarke boss doesn't get involved in work politics, but seems to know everything going on. That's because they listen and observe, but don't gossip. Take a hint from them!

On their own timeline. Yvette Clarke gets things done, but don't take a lot of stock in a nine to five schedule. Get it done, and your time is yours.

Intense. Yvette Clarke doesn't believe raised voices or tears should be verboten at the office. They're a sign of passion. But once you have an outburst, Yvette Clarke expects you to get back to work—they don't like grudges.

Idealistic. Yvette Clarke believes in a more perfect world (and more perfect product) and pushes their employees to demand the same.

Nitpicky. A misplaced comma may seem like NBD, but to a Yvette Clarke, it's a sign that you don't respect the job.

5. What Success Means to a Yvette Clarke

Yvette Clarke thrives on perfection, and for a Yvette Clarke, a job well done isn't well done until they think it is. Yvette Clarke has a lot of grand plans, and gets frustrated when thwarted by a higher up. Success for a Yvette Clarke is living a life and having a career on their own terms. A Yvette Clarke could be making a lot of money and in a position of power, but if they don't feel they have control, or feel they have a boss or a board breathing down their neck, they won't be happy. Yvette Clarke also needs creativity and time to breathe in their day—if all Yvette Clarke is doing is pushing papers or crunching numbers, they won't be happy. Yvette Clarke needs some outlet to do things "their" way to feel personally fulfilled.

6. Awakening the Inner Yvette Clarke Phoenix

People think of Yvette Clarke and think scorpion. But one of Yvette Clarke's powerful animal totems is the phoenix—the bird who emerges from the ashes of destruction and toward a new and more perfect world. Here, how to awaken the inner Yvette Clarke phoenix.

Feel the fear and do it anyway: Going into a situation that's scary—even a roller-coaster—and emerging from it is all about showing Yvette Clarke's resiliency. Afraid of heights? Time to sign up for skydiving lessons.

Wear red: Incorporate red into your wardrobe and wear it on the days when you feel most vulnerable.

Cry: Yvette Clarke tries to hide their vulnerability, even though they're quite sensitive. Learning to cry and show emotions in front of people is a key Yvette Clarke talent that can only make you stronger.

Go back and forgive. Had a terrible breakup? Have a face to face convo with the person who broke your heart. For Yvette Clarke, these scary encounters only make them feel stronger and more resilient.

All of the above are especially powerful in a month that manifests a full moon in Yvette Clarke!

Predictions for the year 2022:

1. OverView

This is an extremely important year for your powerful sign of the Yvette Clarken. Several transits tug and pull at major points in your personal chart, bringing you brand-new perspectives, and also requiring you to implement decisions that contribute to both, your family and career life.

This combines several areas of your personal affairs and asks you to really look into your long-term arrangements from the perspective of a leader, caretaker, and healer. As 2021 brings along with it an influential square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in your opposing sign of Taurus, this creates a prominent T-square in your own chart. This can be a difficult astrological energy most pointedly experienced during mid-February, mid-June, and the end of December, but leads to radical change in your overall life. There can be many unplanned events that ultimately decide your fate and affect your home and career situations. You might even consider moving for work, or relocating in some capacity.

Pluto, your home planet, enters a retrograde cycle through Capricorn between June 28 and October 7, making this timeframe a key zone to revisit what still needs to be accomplished in order to feel fully empowered and take back your personal authority in certain areas where you felt you lost your confidence. Some see you from the outside that have no idea what's been bubbling under the surface. Don’t lose sight of the big picture, and always remember that the universe wants you to succeed at anything you set your mind to, and this year is no exception to that rule.

2. Couples

Your relationships experience many changes and shifts in 2021. You are asked to look at yourself from a different perspective than you once even considered. This is where you are taking the reigns of power and being asked to lead.

For those coupled Yvette Clarkes, this is a test of whether your partnership can handle this or not. The idea of a balanced and respectful relationship is where this is going to matter the most. If you are with someone who does not look at you with the same amount of care and honor that you look at them, then this is where the cosmic alignments are going to come through and shatter the glass. If your partner supports you and appreciates who you are, then you will know it immediately.

There are pivotal areas where decisions will come into play, and you will have to really make a call on your own. You'll know, because you always know what is right for you. This holds especially true in the months of February, May, June, and November. Think of these timeframes as a rite of passage for you.

This year you've already gone through the mud, but now you are in clean-up mode in various realms of your partnership. The November 19 partial lunar eclipse provides you with a fascinating understanding of someone's motives. This sets you up for an enlightening love period that will be influential all year long and into 2022.

Overall, this year requires you to be very vulnerable in your communication, which isn't always the easiest thing to ask of your often private water sign.

3. Singles

2021 can bring forth chance meetings and fated affairs for single Yvette Clarkes. The presence of both Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius steamrolls through your fourth house of home and family, shaking your ground and waking you up to some very enjoyable love connections.

There are plenty of opportunities for passionate encounters to begin quickly only to fizzle out or be met with a choice between two people type of vibe. There isn't a lot you have to worry about if you are not looking for anything serious, because this is a great year to have fun and attract some extracurricular partnerships.

For those Yvette Clarkes who want something a little more long-term and committed, you have to look towards aspects of your chart and the other person's as well. There is a give-and-take between your personal desires and what your love interest is truly showing up to prove to you. May and June are going to be pivotal points for you to really embrace your desires. You might even catch some feelings around this time.

The theme overall this year includes falling in love in an instant, dreaming about the person, and then once you are met with the truth of their reality losing interest in them for the longevity. Uranus is tricky in that sense, and as this chaotic planet shoots lightning bolts through the cosmos, so too will your heart be intertwined in this tumultuous shift.

Each day of this year, you might feel like your feelings are on a roller-coaster where the day prior you made a “final” decision about a person in your life. Remember to ride the waves, and appreciate the adoration!

4. Money & Career

Your determined sign is always on top of the current market trends occurring in your field of business. You are excellent at self-promotion ready and willing to invest your time into what really counts for your future. You have no problem holding out for a better deal or making sacrifices to get where you need to go.

This year is quite interesting in the fact that squares between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in your opposing sign of Taurus activate certain areas of your chart that require compromise. This can reflect sudden events or changes in career partnerships and tie your family into your career path. If you are worried about supporting your family from a financial perspective, this is a good year to really take a risk and see it pay off. This is going to require a tremendous amount of bravery and following personal guidance beyond belief.

You are really challenging yourself beyond your limits especially with the prominent squares effecting you on or around February 14, June 14, and December 24. These are going to be factors that fully switch it all up in the end. You will be able to break out of a cycle that once held you back, but you'll also be able to see where you need to improve. This can be a very personal decision, not only for your overall growth, but also for your career revolution!

This year points out that it is time for you to go no holds barred on your dreams. Destiny does await you down the road, and being an effective leader holds you to the highest standards of all!

General features:

Seductive, passionate, independent

Element: Water
Polarity: Negative
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Pluto, Mars
Ruling House: Eighth
Spirit color: Black
Lucky gem: Topaz & opal
Flower: Hibiscus & geraniums
Top Love Matches: Cancer