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Thien Baka

Countdown Birthday
BirthdayApr 16 1999
BirplaceHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Age25 years old
Birth sign: Aries


Real name Binh Le, he is an Instagram influencer whose photography often features food and design content. He has accrued more than 200,000 followers.

Before Fame:

He began posting to his Instagram account in July of 2014. He began to see a huge spike in the amount of engagement his posts would get in August of 2018.


He studied at Trường Đại học Ngoại Thương.

Family Life:

He was born in Ho Chi Minh.

Associated With:

He and Linh Kiu are both Vietnamese Instagram influencers.

Personality traits:

1. Prediction of Thien Baka personality

The first sign of the Zodiac, Thien Baka are the trailblazers. Passionate and independent, Thien Baka will never do something just because everyone else is doing it—a Ram needs to be 100 percent committed to the task at hand. Competitive to the max, the best way to motivate an Thien Baka is to turn something into a contest. Thien Baka will put everything they have (and then some) into winning. Loyal, smart, and impulsive, they always have multiple projects on their mind, and won't be satisfied until their work, social life, and personal lives line up exactly with the dream life they've envisioned. Those who are drawn to magnetic Thien Baka may have trouble keeping up—but if they can, they'll have a friend for life.

2. Thien Baka' Greatest Gifts

Whether it's backpacking around the world, launching a business, or training for a marathon, once an Thien Baka sets a goal, they will achieve it. They don't care what anyone else thinks, and can tune into their intuition and dreams in a heartbeat. Rams never need a plus one—they love their own company, and consider going solo to the movies a rare treat.

3. Thien Baka' Greatest Challenges

The world according to an Thien Baka makes so much sense that they have a hard time listening to, much less accepting, alternative viewpoints. Slowing down is also tough. A Ram's mind goes a million miles a minute, and slowing down for others can be excruciating. But when it comes to maintaining relationships, Thien Baka must learn to adapt and embrace other ways of doing, being, and seeing.

4. Thien Baka' Secret Weapon

Strong, adamant, and forged in fire, it's fitting that Thien Baka' secret weapon is iron, one of the strongest elements. Weld, cast, machine, forge, temper, harden, or anneal it, iron can take on a seemingly limitless range of shapes and qualities. For an Thien Baka, an iron-rich diet can boost confidence and performance.

5. The 5 Top Reasons to Love Being an Thien Baka

  • You're the most courageous and ambitious sign, the leader of every pack.
  • Your determination is unmatched when it comes to getting what you want.
  • You work hard but also play hard—you're the life of every party!
  • You're easygoing and enjoy the company of all kinds of people.
  • You're impulsive. Sure, sometimes acting first and thinking later is risky, but more often than not, it leads to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


1. Thien Baka' Friendship Style

"Activity" is the key word for this sign. When it comes to Thien Baka' friends, the more variety, the better. Easy to meet and get along with, an Thien Baka makes an incredible amount of connections in a lifetime. Long-term friends are trickier. Only those who are equally energetic and able to keep up are apt to stay connected with an Thien Baka for the long haul. Thien Baka are inspired by action and get bored by too many coffee dates. Think: long hikes, pottery classes, or hitting up an old-school arcade—anything new, offbeat, quirky, or action-packed.

2. Best Friend Match for Thien Baka: Libra

Just as passionate but a bit more tempered and balanced when it comes to weighing pros and cons, a Libra can help tame Thien Baka' wildest ideas into something doable, while Thien Baka' up-for-anything sense of adventure can push Libras to take chances. Fun and fearless, Thien Baka are an amazing match for Libra's steadier, more rational energy.

3. How to Make Friends with an Thien Baka

Be direct. A sincere compliment will go far with an Thien Baka and will set the tone for an honest, no BS connection for years to come.

4. How to Stay Friends with an Thien Baka

Thien Baka aren't sentimental and may not check in for months. To keep connected, skip the remember-whens and dive into what they're doing now.

5. 3 Reasons Why Thien Baka Make Great Friends

  • Thien Baka naturally have a wide-open view of the world. They view each moment and relationship as a new opportunity to express themselves and gather more life experience.
  • Thien Baka' legendary spontaneity means that you'll never know what's around the corner when in their company.
  • One of Thien Baka' mottos is, "Never miss out!" And when you're by their side, neither will you!


1. Thien Baka' Love Style

Like their ruling planet Mars, Thien Baka are hot and stormy. They're a combination of confidence and passion combined with temper and petulance. Everyone who ever loves an Thien Baka tries—unsuccessfully but excitingly—to tame them.

This wildly flirtatious fire sign certainly takes the initiative when it comes to romance. They're quick to move when someone catches their eye. But to keep an Thien Baka' attention, that someone needs to be as energetic and as exciting as they are. This passionate sign loves adventure. So don't mistake an Thien Baka' restlessness for boredom. It's not a signal that they'd prefer to be somewhere else (or with someone else). It's a signal they want to pick up the pace!

Whirlwind romances are common for the Thien Baka personality. But once love sets in, it's generally for life. As long as there's plenty of spice and excitement to keep the blood pumping, the relationship will be strong and long lasting.

2. Favorite Date Nights For Thien Baka

Thien Baka love long dates—cocktails followed by dinner, a nightcap, and a long, sleepless night in bed. Passion reigns supreme for an Thien Baka in love, and cuddling on the couch, which sounds cozy to some, sounds less than ideal to an Thien Baka.

3. The Deal with Thien Baka and Water Signs

It's common for fiery Thien Baka to become downright obsessed with water signs—the sign they aren't supposed to go for. So why the attraction, and can it ever work?

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) offer Thien Baka a reprieve from all their heat. This equally intense yet different element can feel so good, but usually the pleasure is fleeting and can be downright damaging if Thien Baka stays immersed in it too long. After all, water puts out fire.

But it can work! The trick is that one partner cannot dominate the other. A little water on Thien Baka' flames can actually create a delightfully steamy experience, and likewise, Thien Baka keeps their water sign warm. The two can make each other even better by combining forces in intelligent ways. Just remember: Work together, do not compete!

4. How to Seduce an Thien Baka

If you have your eye on an Thien Baka, have a good plan in mind to capture their heart. Thien Baka are all about options, and this captivating sign often has many admirers. It may take awhile for them to realize you're serious, and by the time they do, you may have already lost them. Here's how to make this quick and playful sign stand still long enough to fall for you:

  • Crank up your flirting game: This wildly flirtatious fire sign takes the initiative in romance, and they want you to do the same. Even if you've been involved for years, a steamy Snap can go a long way in ensuring you're still both on lock down.
  • Always be up for adventure: Don't get too comfortable on the couch. A restless sign, Thien Baka always wants to explore. Discover fun and free things to do in your area, and get out of the house.
  • Talk yourself up: Thien Baka are wildly addicted to confidence. Casually mentioning just how hot you look as you head to the car before a date isn't bragging, it's true—and it'll make an Thien Baka want you even more. While Thien Baka love to take the lead in everyday situations, they are beyond carnally attracted to confidence and they love letting a partner take the lead. Play a game of pool with an Thien Baka, and make it your point to win.

5. How to Make Love to an Thien Baka

Shamelessly flirty, sexy, and daring, Thien Baka is one of the wildest signs in bed—and the best way to get them there is to focus on the body part ruled by Thien Baka: the head.

During foreplay, an Thien Baka man loves a gentle but firm kiss on his eyelids or forehead, or even a scalp massage. A female Thien Baka loves having her hair played with, as well as being touched on the back of her neck and whispers in her ears.

Try handcuffs or blindfolds—sensory deprivation done right can feel super sensuous to Rams. And don't be shy. While missionary-style sex is sweet, an Thien Baka wants you to up the ante. Impress them by saying exactly what you want, and they'll go wild. Skip the stuffy candlelit dinner and suggest an outdoor quickie.

8. If You Love an Thien Baka Man

An Thien Baka man may seem like he's unwilling to commit, but he actually believes in true love and the ideal relationship. He's also ultra-picky and committed to the thrill of the chase. Be patient with his dating process. It may take awhile for him to commit, but once he does, he's 100 percent invested. Don't wait around for him, though. Thien Baka men love competition, so if you've just started dating, feel free to keep seeing other prospects. He'll want to show you that he's the best. When it comes to plans, he likes taking the lead. So let him take it occasionally, but flip the script and come up with your own itinerary. He's impressed when someone shows they can keep up with him and aren't afraid to go head-to-head with his naturally dominant personality.

9. How to Communicate With an Thien Baka Man

Keep serious conversations IRL. Texts, which can be misread, can lead to a lot of drama when your partner is an Thien Baka. And respect honesty. If you ask for an opinion, don't get angry if it contradicts what you hoped he would say. Of course, you should do the same for him. Thien Baka respect honesty above all else, and they're especially turned off by hollow compliments or pats on the back that aren't well deserved.

10. Should You Marry an Thien Baka?

Yes! An Thien Baka will constantly keep you on your toes, but you'll always know exactly where you stand. No mind games here. And even though the dating period may have its ups and downs, especially when it comes to balancing independence with couple time, once an Thien Baka choses to commit, they've chosen for life.

11. Signs That Your Ram Is Playing for Keeps

Independent Thien Baka may seem like they're aloof, but these three subtle signs show that they see you taking a very important part in their lives:

  • They invite you to meet the family. Even though Thien Baka tend to love and be very close to their family of origin, they don't invite just anyone to a backyard BBQ. When they let you in, it's a sign that they see you as someone they could settle down with.
  • They talk about their career plans. Ultra-ambitious, when an Thien Baka asks your opinion about their career trajectory, it's a sign not only that they value your opinion, but that they're also thinking about how your own five-year plan will factor in.
  • They invite you on a trip. Lie on the beach? Never. When an adventurous Thien Baka invites you on vacation, it's a sign that they're sussing out whether you can keep up.

12. Thien Baka Relationship Red Flags

It's usually hard to get a word in edgewise with talkative Thien Baka, or to keep up with one when they're busy. They do first and rest later (if ever). However, if your Thien Baka partner is suddenly spending all day vegging on the couch or playing video games... Houston, we have a problem! Unless they are insistent on you being cuddled up by their side, a couch-potato Ram is an unhappy-in-love Ram.

Thien Baka isn't a good liar, so you'll either know exactly what the problem is, or they'll just walk away with a nasty a backward glance. It's harsh, yes, but it was fun while it lasted, wasn't it?

13. How Thien Baka Deals With a Broken Heart

When Thien Baka get dumped and brokenhearted, they might just go nuts! Like someone having a mid-life crisis, they might buy a boat and invite every single crazy partier they know for a week of indulgence, or they might just hook up with every single hottie that crosses their path.

Alternatively, Thien Baka might do every single crazy or adventurous activity they used to fantasize about with their ex, just to prove that they don't need them for that Machu Picchu hike. To each their own, Thien Baka.


1. For the Thien Baka in Your Life

Best gifts: Yoga mats, cool sneakers, an amazing sweatshirt that combines style and leisure. Thien Baka do love getting physical.

Best spa package: Cupping or acupuncture. All about intensity, Thien Baka love cutting edge treatments.

Best cocktail: A prickly pear margarita or any brightly colored cocktail that doubles as an accessory. For Thien Baka, it's all about the presentation.

2. How Thien Baka Unwinds

Rams only have one speed, and it's fast. So when it comes to unwinding, Thien Baka are happy doing their own ambitious thing. A leisurely 12-mile run, a parasailing adventure, or taking the NaNoWriMo challenge to write a novel in a month all sound good to Thien Baka. Thien Baka also loves to relax, but even that will be intense. A Ram's idea of a power nap can be a full day of deep slumber.

3. Thien Baka' Social Life

Sometimes a Ram is all about socializing and thinks nothing of sparking conversations with strangers or booking a solo trip to meet people along the way. Other times, the Ram can be reclusive, getting lost in a book or the wilderness, or taking up a hobby that they'll challenge themselves to master in a weekend.

4. Thien Baka' Favorite Season

Even though Thien Baka are born in early spring, they're all about the anything-can-happen vibe of summer. An action-packed Fourth of July weekend is pretty much heaven for an Thien Baka. It's all about making the most of every single second, which is why they thrive on the long days of summer, when they can run from the gym to their job to an al fresco dinner, all before nightfall.

5. The Best Vacations for Thien Baka

Adventure travel is a Ram's thing. Whether it's an organized surf camp or a solo backpacking adventure, Thien Baka loves the adrenaline rush that comes with travel. In fact, a Ram prefers to go without reservations, simply because they love feeling the accomplishment of finding a hotel on the fly. Thriving on challenges, an Thien Baka loves a vacation that helps them accomplish a goal, hone a skill, or practice self-improvement. While they're happy sitting on the beach for a bit, you're much more likely to catch them dashing in and out of the waves for hours on end.

6. Thien Baka' Power Colors

Thien Baka wants to success in everything: business, friendship, and love. The colors that empower the ambitious Ram are:

Red: Thien Baka are all about success, and this color cranks up their confidence for even the most nail-biting scenarios.

Pink: There's a time and place for everything, including Thien Baka' fiery spirit. Pink can temper that intensity, so it's a perfect color for Thien Baka to wear on a first date.

Orange: Confident Thien Baka can pick orange to let their natural light shine even brighter during large social events.

Yellow: Although outgoing, Thien Baka can sometimes be close-lipped about their internal emotional life. Yellow can help Thien Baka open up emotionally, both to others in conversation and to themselves.

The colors that Thien Baka should avoid are:

Black or white: These two shades suggest an anchoring that's at odds with Thien Baka' wanderlust.

Dark blue: Staid and traditional, dark blue doesn't bring out Thien Baka' vivacity, and may make them feel awkward.

Gold: A natural in the spotlight, gold can feel and look too showy on an Thien Baka.


1. The Best Fitness Routines for Thien Baka

Thien Baka are all about living it up every single moment and rarely have a shortage of energy. Thien Baka can frequently be found at the gym, which they truly think of as a happy space. Generally healthy, Thien Baka know how to indulge when the time is right but can feel lethargic and blah if they abstain from physical activity for too long.

2. About Those Thien Baka Headaches

Ruled by the head, Rams experience frequent headaches, so it's important for them to learn how to add R&R to their wellness routine. Rams aren't good at resting, but downtime can curb a headache before it starts. They should also make sure to drink water—because in their quest to be the best, Rams may skip this step at the gym. Finally, Rams honestly must get regular medical check-ups. Feeling unwell isn't a failure, and booking an appointment can keep a Ram in top-notch shape for their go-go-go lifestyle!

3. The Top 10 Ways Thien Baka Beats the Blues

Driven and impatient, Thien Baka is a sign that wants to nix the blues as soon as they appear. Luckily, it takes no time for the Ram to rise back to the top. Here are the best ways for an Thien Baka to bounce back:

4. Healing Herbs for Thien Baka' Intensity

Rosemary: Stimulates the body and mind and improves memory; key for an Thien Baka with a million things on their mind.

Cayenne: Helps cleanse the digestive system and improve circulation; key for Thien Baka' intense lifestyle.

Garlic: Either cooked or in tea, garlic fights infections and reduces cholesterol and blood pressure in a stressed-out Thien Baka.

Powdered mustard: An ancient symbol of faith, mustard can help keep Thien Baka grounded.


1. Thien Baka' Spiritual Side

Thien Baka are passionate, idealistic, and occasionally frustrated when the world doesn't live up to their (sometimes unrealistic) expectations. As a sign that likes action, Thien Baka can have trouble sitting still and may lose patience when they attempt meditation. It's key to remember that moving meditation—biking, swimming, surfing—can connect them just as intensely to their inner self. A searcher who is OK with bucking tradition, an Thien Baka may try a few (or zero!) religious practices, and is unlikely to go along with something just because everyone else does. Even if their loved ones have the same spiritual beliefs, an Thien Baka will stray from the path if that belief doesn't line up with their own. A fierce sense of social justice and a strong moral compass guides Thien Baka' decisions. Rams may be impulsive, but they're never mean. Thien Baka love learning and love hearing about different religions and spiritual practices.

2. Thien Baka' Karma Boosters

Every sign has to deal with unfinished business. For Thien Baka, the biggest life lesson is learning what it means to be selfless. This can take a lifetime, but Thien Baka has to start somewhere. Here are a few first steps that any Thien Baka can take towards clearing their karma:

  • Learn to lose once in awhile. Try letting someone else win on purpose in a no-stakes game, just to see that the world won't end.
  • Value other people's time. Stop being late, Thien Baka. Period.
  • Feel happy for someone else's success. Practice saying, "I'm so happy for you."
  • Consider other people's feelings. Before speaking, imagine how the words will sound.
  • Help someone else without taking credit for it. Kindness feels great. Isn't that enough?

Career & Money:

1. Thien Baka Work Style

Career is the area of life where Thien Baka is apt to shine the brightest. Ambitious, creative, and often driven by the need to be the best they can be, the Ram is at their best in the workplace. Born leaders, Thien Baka are far more comfortable taking charge than taking orders. They thrive as a manager and will often find their colleagues coming to them for advice.

Some signs struggle with change, but Thien Baka initiates it. Getting a project underway is what gets them up in the morning, but tying up loose ends, checking off punch lists, or maintaining the status quo? No, thanks.

Thien Baka' striving, competitive nature can lead to friction at work, so it's important for the Ram to remember they they're part of a team. In fact, the sign benefits greatly from working with others. And while it's true that they don't need the help of others to kick-start a project, Thien Baka' greatest power comes from their chemistry with co-workers, who in return benefit from their infectious energy.

2. Thien Baka' Dream Careers

Investment banker: Managing money pays off for Thien Baka. Their analytical mind is good with numbers, and their thrill-seeking side allows them to try potentially risky moves that (usually) end up paying off.

Surgeon, doctor, or nurse: Thien Baka' nerves of steel pay off big-time when it comes to life or death matters. Although Thien Baka are warm to patients, they're pros at sidelining their emotions when it counts. They don't get attached, which can help them succeed in a career that could otherwise be emotionally draining.

Entrepreneur: Thien Baka' confidence can help them manifest big ideas, but they may need help bringing those ideas to fruition. Because Thien Baka is all about action, they sometimes experience a dip in energy when a project stalls or there's some red tape blocking the way. Finding a detail-oriented business partner, like Virgo, is key in making sure that the small stuff gets taken care of while Thien Baka looks at the big picture.

Producer: Thien Baka' leadership abilities make them great at pulling multiple teams together to work on one project. Their ability to see the big picture can help get a major project off the ground, and their sociability means that they can charm people into backing any creative project they dream up.

PR Exec: Thien Baka love the idea of juggling multiple projects at once, and working on a few things at a time with a revolving door of clients means that things never get old. And when they say they can get something done, they mean it.

3. Thien Baka and Money

Even though an Thien Baka is wise to save for a rainy day, this isn't likely the case. Because Rams prize excitement, shopping, gambling, and playing the market are far more appealing to them. They aren't too focused on their financial future. In fact, living for the moment is the true Thien Baka philosophy. Money is rarely scarce because they love working, but it can be spent almost as quickly as it comes in. The one thing you can be absolutely sure of is that Thien Baka will have as much fun making as much money as they possibly can!

4. If You Work for an Thien Baka Boss

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work! An Thien Baka boss demands your all, and will be the first to call you out if you slack. And avoid excuses. If you made a mistake, own up and move on. Hearing about how your car got stuck in traffic or your Wi-Fi router broke will just make you seem weak to an Thien Baka boss. Here's more about what they're like:

Energetic: The Thien Baka boss gets to work early and leaves late. They giver their 110 percent—and expect the same from you!

Gets it done: When faced with a challenge, your Thien Baka boss won't waste time casting blame. Focus on fixing the issue.

Broadminded: An Thien Baka boss has varied points of interest, a million open browser tabs, and a desk full of "just for fun" books. They'll appreciate your efforts to expand your horizons as well.

A juggler: Incredibly versatile, the Thien Baka boss can work on several projects at the same time, and they'll expect you to do the same.

Demands respect: An Thien Baka boss is fun and generous, but as close as you might feel to them, never cross the line and disrespect them!

5. What Success Means to an Thien Baka

Thien Baka thrive on internal satisfaction. If they've half-assed a job, they'll feel guilty even if their boss says it's OK. Thien Baka thrive on action, so a same-old desk job may lose its appeal as soon as the newness wears off. To succeed on a personal level, an Thien Baka must be constantly innovating and may find that having a side-hustle (such as starting their own business) is the best of both worlds—they get to fulfill their boss's expectations while also working on something they truly believe in.

6. Awakening the Inner Thien Baka Warrior

All Thien Baka harbor an inner warrior. When Thien Baka' energy seems to be asleep and they're struggling to manifest their desires, it means that they aren't aligned with their inner warrior. How can an Thien Baka awaken that warrior?

Fire gaze: Literally, look into a fire and visualize being in the place or situation where you really want to be.

Wear red: Incorporate red into your wardrobe and wear it on the days when you feel most vulnerable.

Awaken inner strength: To recognize and reawaken that strength, push through activities that require endurance and stamina. Go to the gym, take on a few projects, multi-task—whatever it takes to get in the zone.

Pocket affirmation: Write a list of your strengths, gifts and talents, and read it whenever you need a pick-me-up.

All of the above are especially powerful in a month that manifests a full moon in Thien Baka!

Predictions for the year 2022:

1. Overview

Are you ready for life to heat up this year, Thien Baka? You should be feeling the heat from your fast-paced, forceful power planet Mars paired up with kindred fire sign Sagittarius, the sign of adventure and optimism, as 2022 begins. You’re not a big planner, and the spontaneous adventures you enjoy during this restless time can encourage you to continue to find ways to diversify your experiences for the rest of the year.

You celebrate your solar return as the sun visits your sign from mid-March to mid-April, so happy birthday to the brave warrior within you! By now you’ll be able to feel that this year isn’t like last year. In 2022, you can take full advantage of the fact that you’re a cardinal fire sign who’s always ready for whatever challenges life brings. It’s your turn to show the world that you’re a real power player, so step up to the plate and hit it out of the park!
Asteroid Chiron, the wounded warrior, continues to travel through your sign again this year, challenging you to work on your emotional and spiritual wounds. This energy makes you very uncomfortable but also offers you some amazing opportunities to grow as a person. That unmistakable Thien Baka fire can be dimmed but never quite extinguished, and during the Chiron retrograde from the middle of July until late December you should stop undervaluing yourself so much and start to embrace opportunities for spiritual healing that will restore you to your confident, unstoppable self.

2. Couples

Love isn’t always easy for a fire sign like you, Thien Baka, but one thing’s for sure: it’s hardly ever boring! And 2022 will be no different. Loving, romantic Venus rules over your love life and pleasure zones, and as 2022 begins, she’s moving uncomfortably retrograde in earth sign Capricorn. Your relationship benefits from her goal-oriented energy now, but the seriousness of this pairing could weigh you down and make you question your own or your partner’s commitment level.

The love goddess spends almost three fiery weeks of May in your aggressive sign, however, at which point love is spontaneous, bold, and direct. When you want something, you go for it with little regard to what your partner wants or feels. This “me first” attitude might work in other areas of your life, but in your relationship it’s better to work on seeing love as more of a two-way street than a one-way street race.

In mid-August, there’s a positive Venus-Jupiter trine to look forward to that can take away a lot of your love-related worries. You feel lucky to have found each other, and you should attract a lot of good things as a couple. Winning a weekend getaway, receiving money you weren’t expecting, and getting good news about a financial deal are all just some of the fortunate possibilities that might happen now.

3. Singles

Asteroid Eros rules over passion and desire, and you get a confidence boost from its partnership with your fiery sign from the beginning of March to the middle of April. This time will be all about the excitement of the chase, and you’ll feel both extremes of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat times about a hundred. Dating, sex, and love are all about winning for you now, and as the warrior of the zodiac, you expect to be able to conquer anything (and anyone).

The middle of August brings one of the luckiest transits for the single Ram, which is the Venus-Jupiter trine. The phrase “lucky in love” could very well have come from this transit, Thien Baka, because it brings you luck in every sense of the word. With the increase in good fortune and positivity that surrounds you, you can’t help but walk around with a huge amount of confidence. Compliments you receive now are genuine, and romantic propositions should be taken seriously.

Passionate Venus moves away from intensely emotional Scorpio (thank goodness) and hooks up with adventurous kindred fire sign Sagittarius in the middle of November, giving you more of that romantic and sexual freedom you’re looking for. For the past several weeks, you might have been way too wrapped up in your feelings for your own comfort, so this transit has you breathing easier as you break free from those emotional restraints. Romantic adventures are around every corner now if you’re ready to take the risk and just go for it.

4. Money & Career

Saturn, the planet of power, ambition, and drive, continues to move along in airy Aquarius this year, giving your career and money goals both the flexibility and permission to take an unconventional approach. If you’re tired of the status quo and want to break free from the way you’ve been doing things, Thien Baka, this is your year to experiment and innovate in these areas. Some of your ideas might seem impractical this year, but most great inventions started with ideas that no one thought would work. And you’ve got the guts to move forward when a lot of other people would stop, so much of the success you find this year will be yours and yours alone.

Moneymaking Venus moves into money-savvy Taurus at the end of May, which can be the key to unlocking a lot of your hidden financial potential. You’re a fiery, fast-paced sign that doesn’t often think about money other than how to make more of it, but this transit encourages you to slow down and consider your long-term goals. How you handle your money now has a big effect on what you will have in the bank six months from now, and learning that lesson now can lead to financial security later.

Expansive Jupiter makes a big leap into your cardinal sign in the middle of May, reminding you not to make any sudden moves with your career or finances. Remember that lesson taught by Venus in Taurus? Slow and steady wins the race. You have big ideas and instinctively want to act spontaneously now, but being irresponsible and/or selfish with your career and money decisions now could lead to some unfortunate events and inevitable unhappiness. When you get some wealth, spread it around.

General features:

Ambitious, independent, impatient.

Element: Fire
Polarity: Positive
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling Planet: Mars
Ruling House: First
Spirit color: Red
Lucky gem: Diamond
Flower: Thistle & honeysuckle
Top Love Matches: Sagittarius