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Ronnie Baker Brooks

Countdown Birthday
BirthdayJan 23 1967
BirplaceChicago, Illinois
CountryUnited States
Age57 years old
Birth sign: Aquarius


Ronnie Baker Brooks is an American Chicago blues and soul blues guitarist singer and songwriter. He was a respected club performer in Chicago before recording three solo albums for Watchdog Records. The son of fellow Chicago blues musician Lonnie Brooks he is the brother of another blues guitarist Wayne Baker Brooks. Allmusic journalist Andy Whitman described Brooks as. ..

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Blues club performer and singer who released his third album, The Torch, in 2006.

Before Fame:

He started playing bass in his father's band after graduating from Hales Franciscan High School.


He earned a Blues Music Award for Best New Artist in 2000.

Family Life:

He is the son of singer Lonnie Brooks and has a brother Wayne, who is also a blues guitarist.

Associated With:

His debut album Golddigger was produced by Janet Jackson in 1999.

Given Name Ronnie
Country Of Citizenship United States Of America
Social Media Followers 1095 , point in time: 2020-04-16T00:00:00Z , Twitter user numeric ID: 1145697073

Personality traits:

1. Ronnie Baker Brooks Zodiac Sign

Independent and enigmatical, Aquarians are unique. There is no one quite like an Ronnie Baker Brooks, and because each is so incredibly individual, it can be tough to describe them as a group. Aquarians don't like labels, and may shy away from any adjective—even the good ones you might bestow upon them. Aquarians believe in the nature of change and evolution, and even though they're a fixed sign, they may not necessarily believe they are the "same" people they were when they were born.

2. Ronnie Baker Brooks' Greatest Gifts

Ronnie Baker Brooks is intellectual and analytical, but don't mistake these attributes for aloofness. Aquarians have deep passion, but they know jumping into something too quickly can cause more harm than good. Aquarians are often big-picture thinkers who can see connections in a way that eludes others. Aquarians have energy, warmth, and a deep desire to get things done. They feel they're on the planet to change the world and they will do so. Aquarians are idealistic, and will never accept "good enough" until they truly believe it's good enough.

3. Ronnie Baker Brooks' Greatest Challenges

Aquarians can sometimes seem as if they don't care about their individual relationships, or they are holding something else at a higher value. For example, an Aquarian may cancel a date at the last minute because a friend or family member is stuck and needs a ride. It's not personal, and it's not a bad thing. An Aquarian has a value system that's constantly prioritizing the people who need them the most, and sometimes, that puts the people they love in a lurch. Clear communication is necessary to avoid these issues.

4. Ronnie Baker Brooks' Secret Weapon

Their belief in the innate goodness of people. An Aquarian will never doubt you, even when you doubt yourself. Their ability to see the best in all people, even if people don't see those qualities in themselves. Aquarians can lift people up, lightening the mood in the process.

5. The 5 Top Reasons to Love Being an Ronnie Baker Brooks

  • Your go-with-the-flow attitude. It's not that you don't get stressed, but you don't let stress get to you the same way it might get to another sign.
  • Your artistic mind. Other people see a painting and enjoy it. You understand it.
  • Your open-mindedness. You'll always hear someone's story, and know the people you may have the most in common with is the person who looks least like you.
  • Your determined nature. You make hard things look easy, because you find the joy in the journey.
  • Your look. You make cool look effortless—because for you, it is. You wear what you like with confidence, and people take notice.


1. Ronnie Baker Brooks Friendship Style

Ronnie Baker Brooks will always take the initiative to meet someone and hear their story. Aquarians love finding connections to other people, and never feel self-conscious or out of place, even in a group of strangers. Good listeners and natural questioners, Aquarians can draw out anyone, getting a new acquaintance to tell an Aquarian things they've barely told anyone else before. But there is another side: Ronnie Baker Brooks can be very private, and people think they know an Ronnie Baker Brooks much better than they do. Ronnie Baker Brooks likes having a large social circle, but cultivating close friends takes time and trust. Ronnie Baker Brooks takes disappointment in friendships seriously, and takes it hard—a cancelled coffee meet-up won't make an Ronnie Baker Brooks hold a grudge, but it will be a long time (if ever) they'll invite you closer into their social circle. Aquarians see the best in people, but get frustrated if people don't see those qualities in themselves. Ronnie Baker Brooks sometimes feels like they always have to be the cheerleader and mentor for others, and sometimes crave another person to play that role in their lives. Aquarians are fun-loving, up for anything, and always feel that a friend is just a person you haven't met yet.

2. Best Friend Match for Ronnie Baker Brooks: Libra

Both air signs, Ronnie Baker Brooks and Libra love seeking out cultural events, hitting up concerts, trading books, and spending all hours debating ideas. Ronnie Baker Brooks can make Libra be a little less diplomatic; Libra can help Ronnie Baker Brooks break down barriers and trust a little bit more. This friendship doesn't always rely on words, Ronnie Baker Brooks and Libra are happy to simply be together in silence. Ronnie Baker Brooks and Libra don't hold grudges and tend not to be petty; they know each person has a lot going on in their lives and are fine to not talk or text for weeks, then pick up right where they left off. With each other, Ronnie Baker Brooks and Libra can let down their guard a bit. While both signs may not be known in the Zodiac for their sense of humor, when these two are together, they can laugh for hours. Their inside jokes, sense of adventure, belief in finding the extraordinary in everyday life and their sensitivity make these two Zodiac signs a perfect pair.

3. How to Make Friends with an Ronnie Baker Brooks

Get below the surface. An Ronnie Baker Brooks is always surrounded by people, and it's easy to get caught up in the charismatic energy of an Ronnie Baker Brooks. But to make friends with an Ronnie Baker Brooks, you need to stick around for the long haul. An Ronnie Baker Brooks rewards consistency; see them at the same yoga class or coffee place and they'll slowly break down barriers. It's easy to be casual friends with an Ronnie Baker Brooks—be nice, have fun, make them laugh—but for deeper friendships, it's important to scratch below the surface, and be patient if you're initially rebuffed.

4. How to Stay Friends with an Ronnie Baker Brooks

Be your best self. An Ronnie Baker Brooks doesn't have time for people who aren't performing to the top of their potential. An Ronnie Baker Brooks will forgive a missed birthday or a dropped text chain, but they want to see a friend who is genuine, authentic, and satisfied in their own life. Gossiping or hurtful behavior—even if not directed at an Ronnie Baker Brooks—is hurtful and a turnoff to an Ronnie Baker Brooks.

5. 3 Reasons Why Taureans Make Great Friends

  • They're fun. They'll never say no to an idea, and when they're at a party or event, they commit 100% of their energy to it.
  • They have amazing perspective. Aquarians are good at making connections between random things, and are the best at recommending the perfect podcast or movie for whatever issue you're facing in your own life.
  • They push you. An Ronnie Baker Brooks will check to make sure you hit your deadlines, scheduled that review with your boss, or updated your LinkedIn. They're not doing this because they want to control you, but because they know that doing your best is what will make you happy.


1. Ronnie Baker Brooks in Love

Ronnie Baker Brooks in love may march to the beat of their own drummer—the free-love era wasn't named "The Age of Ronnie Baker Brooks" for nothing. Ronnie Baker Brooks doesn't take a lot of stock in what "should" be done, but Ronnie Baker Brooks has their own rules, codes of ethics, and morality and takes all three incredibly seriously.

Ronnie Baker Brooks may be skittish when it comes to love. While they enjoy flirtatious relationships and can easily be in a longterm "friends with benefits" situation, love—even when they have deep feelings for the other person—can lead them to feel trapped or scared of the future. An Ronnie Baker Brooks doesn't want to depend on another person, and they don't want someone else to depend on them. Trying to navigate healthy codependence in a relationship is a lifelong Ronnie Baker Brooks challenge.

Ronnie Baker Brooks is physically passionate, honest, and very in tune with their sexuality. An Ronnie Baker Brooks may find sex connects them more deeply to themselves, as well as their partner, and believes that sex can exist outside of love.

An Ronnie Baker Brooks cares deeply about their partner, but believes that love is not asking another person to put the other person's needs ahead of their own. An Ronnie Baker Brooks in love isn't selfish, they're pragmatic, and they're doing what's most honest for them.

2. Favorite Date Nights for Ronnie Baker Brooks

Want to impress an Ronnie Baker Brooks? Don't bring them to the five-star restaurant everyone goes to, please. An Ronnie Baker Brooks wants a unique date that isn't about putting on a show. An Ronnie Baker Brooks is much more touched if you remember her coffee order and swing by the place she's volunteering than she is by someone who plunks down their credit card.

Many Aquarians cringe at the word "date," feeling like the concept is too formal and antiquated. Instead, Aquarians find their partners through their friend groups. Being open, honest, and willing to play nicely with the friends an Ronnie Baker Brooks already has means a lot. An Ronnie Baker Brooks would rather have a casual one-hour long hangout before committing to a true date, and an Ronnie Baker Brooks would ideally like to split the bill.

An Ronnie Baker Brooks may seem go with the flow, but in the early days of romance, it's best to follow their lead. Trying to fit an Ronnie Baker Brooks into a "typical" date scenario will only turn into disaster.

3. The Deal with Ronnie Baker Brooks and Earth Signs

It's common for airy Ronnie Baker Brooks to become downright obsessed (well, as obsessed as Ronnie Baker Brooks gets) with earth signs—the exact element they shouldn't go for. What's the deal?

Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) speak to the constant push-pull Ronnie Baker Brooks has of wanting to settle and wanting to fly. Constantly flitting from idea to social circle to love interest is exhausting. Earth signs represent stability; an anchor in an unchanging world. It's against the nature of an Ronnie Baker Brooks, but it also can seem so very intriguing. So, can this match ever work?

In short, yes! The trick is for Ronnie Baker Brooks to respect that they cannot—and should not—change the earth signs. In turn, an earth sign needs to give Ronnie Baker Brooks space and independence. The two need to communicate, since both are literally coming from different worlds.

Both signs respect honesty, and having open conversations is key. Ronnie Baker Brooks and earth signs also may try hard to cover their true feelings, so learning to be a little vulnerable with each other is also a key lesson for both parties. With time, patience, and a little bit of luck, this love match just may work.

4. How to seduce an Ronnie Baker Brooks

For an Ronnie Baker Brooks, little moves go a long way—and they're always watching. Start with yourself. If there's any self-improvement you've wanted to do, from reading a certain author to finally committing to running that marathon, get started now. An Ronnie Baker Brooks is impressed by commitment, and leaving happy hour to get a 10-mile run in will go far in their book.

Aquarians are one of the friendliest signs in the Zodiac, and being nice is a huge factor in whether an Ronnie Baker Brooks will be interested in taking things further with you. Being friendly to the Uber driver, getting to know people's names, and saying something nice—instead of gossipy—about someone not in the room will also make you stand out to an Ronnie Baker Brooks.

Finally, be real. An Ronnie Baker Brooks doesn't want someone who will throw themselves at their feet. An Ronnie Baker Brooks wants to see someone happy and in love with their own life, and not see someone who needs another person to complete it. Here, some other strategies to impress an Ronnie Baker Brooks.

Have a killer Spotify playlist: Aquarians love music, and they'll be impressed with indie and obscure artists on your playlist—and yes, they are looking.

Volunteer for a cause: Big believers in social justice, Ronnie Baker Brooks loves seeing their potential love interest try to make the world a better place. Just don't try to volunteer with the same place your would-be Ronnie Baker Brooks partner is volunteering, unless it's a cause you care about. Ronnie Baker Brooks can spot insincerity from a mile away, and it's a huge turn-off to them.

Argue with them: Aquarians love opposing points of view, so having an opinion and backing it up is much more impressive than you agreeing with whatever they may think or say.

5. How to Make Love to an Ronnie Baker Brooks

Ronnie Baker Brooks has a reputation of being the free-spirit adventurer of the Zodiac, and while that may be true, an Ronnie Baker Brooks won't be impressed if you pull out all your bedroom tricks or toys on the first night. Ronnie Baker Brooks is all about being in the moment and finding the right moves as a couple. For Ronnie Baker Brooks, sex is give and take, and Ronnie Baker Brooks believes in constructive pointers, suggestions, and adjustments to make the sex amazing.

Ronnie Baker Brooks likes lights-on, clothes-off sex, and any body inhibitions by their partner can be a turn-off. Ronnie Baker Brooks likes being praised for what they do well, likes conversation in the bedroom, and also loves fantasizing about what you might do next. Ronnie Baker Brooks is just as turned on by mental games as physical ones; steamy texts can set the mood hours before you actually see each other in real life.

8. If You Love an Ronnie Baker Brooks Man

An Ronnie Baker Brooks man may seem afraid of commitment, but he's not—he's just selective, and honest in telling people that up front. Instead of trying to pin him down, give him space. Don't play games, but be busy in your own life—he respects that, and nothing turns him on more than someone who seems happy and content exactly as they are.

An Ronnie Baker Brooks man hates when a partner seems jealous, and an Ronnie Baker Brooks man won't drop his friends because he's in a relationship. Understand that, and trust him. If you feel he's too flirty with a certain person, it's fine to point that out, but do so in a way that isn't accusatory.

You may always wonder what an Ronnie Baker Brooks man is thinking—and that will be true even if you're with him for fifty years. Accept that there are some parts of him you may never reach, but it's not personal—he likely hasn't even fully explored those parts of his psyche himself.

9. How to Communicate with an Ronnie Baker Brooks Man

Ditch the texts and be direct. Let him know what you want and what you'll need, and he'll honestly tell you if that's something he can give you. An Ronnie Baker Brooks man relies on you to be honest, and while he may be direct in return, he's not doing so to hurt your feelings. Forget about playing games; they won't be appreciated, and he will likely feel pinned down and trapped.

10. Should You Marry an Ronnie Baker Brooks?

Yes! Intelligent, adventurous, and sensual, an Ronnie Baker Brooks will always keep you on your toes. You will be learning about your Ronnie Baker Brooks partner for the rest of your life, and an Ronnie Baker Brooks will always push you to learn more, read more, and dig deeper into yourself. When you fall in love with an Ronnie Baker Brooks, you fall in love with the searching, idealistic, sometimes moody side of yourself. It may not always be easy, but it will never be boring.

11. Signs That an Ronnie Baker Brooks Is Playing for Keeps

Ronnie Baker Brooks can seem stuck in the friend zone forever. They're flirty, fun, and seem to act like a partner. You may even have a toothbrush at their place. But is it really the real thing? Here, three signs that an Ronnie Baker Brooks is serious about a relationship.

  • They start texting in GIFs. Sure, for some, this is texting 101. But for Aquarians, who hate texting in the first place, taking the time to search for the perfect GIF to describe a situation is a sign you're in their head.
  • They go to your roomie's birthday dinner. Aquarians love a good party, but they're not big on doing things just because they "should," and feel awkward attending an event as a friend of a friend. But if they make a commitment to go to a party that's more your thing, it's a sign that you have become their thing.
  • They make a reservation. Aquarians aren't really plan people, and the idea of a Friday night dinner at a restaurant with wine can make them feel eh. But they also understand how important formal dates can be to some, so if they make a reservation and take you out, it means a lot.

12. Ronnie Baker Brooks Relationship Red Flags

Ronnie Baker Brooks may always seem aloof, but subtle signs can show that a relationship with an Ronnie Baker Brooks is heading south. An Ronnie Baker Brooks is good at asking questions, but if you notice an Ronnie Baker Brooks may not be forthright in answering the questions, or just may not be looping you in on the everyday happenings during their day, it's a sign things could be wrong.

An Ronnie Baker Brooks can always seem flirty, but they tend to do so out in the open. If an Ronnie Baker Brooks seems secretive, or is peeling off from a group to talk one-on-one to someone, it also may be a sign something is up.

Finally, a happy Ronnie Baker Brooks is an intellectually stimulated Ronnie Baker Brooks. An Ronnie Baker Brooks who's loving life is always downloading new songs, reading new books, or asking your opinions on articles. If that stream of conversation has stopped, it may be a sign they're not as happy as they were—or are getting feedback from someone else.

13. How Ronnie Baker Brooks Deals with a Broken Heart

A broken heart hits an Ronnie Baker Brooks hard. They don't give their heart easily, so when they've fallen in love, they can feel vulnerable, wounded, and depressed when the love is no longer there. Not like they would let anyone know that. An Ronnie Baker Brooks will lash out by pretending they didn't care very much to begin with, even indulging in gossip, which is out of the ordinary for this sign.

An Ronnie Baker Brooks may need some solo time to lick their wounds. An understanding friend to check in on them and pull them out of their funk is helpful. So, too, is making sure that there are plenty of parties available for an Ronnie Baker Brooks to attend. They may not want to go, but getting the invites is a reminder they are still in demand.


1. For the Ronnie Baker Brooks in Your Life

Best gifts: A backpack or passport holder. Aquarians are minimalists and adventurers, so you want something that they'll use.

Best spa package: A float tank session. Aquarians love trying new things, and feel like floating in a dark tank is a quiet way to unwind and finally hear themselves think.

Best cocktail: Margarita on the rocks, hold the salt. Ronnie Baker Brooks is a purist, and doesn't like when fancy purees or flavors mess with a classic.

2. How Ronnie Baker Brooks Unwinds

Ronnie Baker Brooks finds their escape in daydreaming. They don't need a book or even music—although they may welcome it—and have a rich imaginative life when it's just them and some time and space to lie down and relax. Aquarians love adventure and are never one to turn down an invite, especially to try something new, but they recharge during their solo time, and find that lying on the bed, with the breeze blowing in from the window, and staring at the ceiling is all they need to get to their happy place.

3. Ronnie Baker Brooks' Social Life

Ronnie Baker Brooks has a huge group of friends—and even more people who want to be their friends. Ronnie Baker Brooks doesn't take stock in cliques or groups, and is the type to float between different social circles. While Ronnie Baker Brooks can always find their place in a crowd, it can be tough to get into the inner circle of an Ronnie Baker Brooks. Ronnie Baker Brooks likes their privacy, and also doesn't want to get too close to someone until they truly know they can trust them, inside and out. Ronnie Baker Brooks also values their personal time and bristles at mandatory social engagements. When an Ronnie Baker Brooks comes to your party, it means they want to be there. When they don't come, don't take it personally. It doesn't mean they don't like you, it just means that they only want to come when their energy is positive.

4. Ronnie Baker Brooks' Favorite Season

Ronnie Baker Brooks thrives in the winter�it is there birthday season, after all—and finds the adage "there's no bad weather, only bad clothing" perfectly reflects their view on life. They love bundling up in the cold, taking part in winter sports, and cozying up in front of the fire. They also know that beauty can be found even in the wettest sleet storm, and don't feel like they need a warm summer day to put them in a good mood.

5. The Best Vacations for Ronnie Baker Brooks

Aquarians love trying new things, so you're unlikely to find an Ronnie Baker Brooks at the same resort year after year. Ronnie Baker Brooks likes sporty, active vacations, and are happy to go somewhere where their clothes and backpacks are going to get a little dirty. Aquarians won't turn down a nice meal, but they're happy buying food off the street or scouring the grocery store for the ingredients locals use. An Ronnie Baker Brooks also uses their large social circle as impetus to visit far-flung friends around the globe.

6. Ronnie Baker Brooks Power Colors

Air sign Ronnie Baker Brooks is drawn to ethereal, light colors that speak to the way Ronnie Baker Brooks can deftly go with the flow, handle ideas, and be able to shift direction based on new information. Here, the best colors for Ronnie Baker Brooks.

Light blue: Like a brilliant blue sky, a light blue speaks to the beautiful soul of an Ronnie Baker Brooks, as well as their connection to ideas, intellect, and the pursuit of a more perfect world.

White: Ronnie Baker Brooks looks for the best in people, and is drawn to the color most often associated with innocence.

Yellow: Like the sun, yellow speaks to the eternal optimism of an Ronnie Baker Brooks.

Violet: Connected to the crown chakra and representing spirituality, violet speaks to the vivid spirit of an Ronnie Baker Brooks.

The colors that Ronnie Baker Brooks should avoid are:

Green: This earth tone grounds an Aquarian too much; an Aquarian may put down roots, but is much more comfortable flying.

Red: Affiliated with the root chakra, red can be too passionate and intense for Ronnie Baker Brooks, who like to be more cool-minded and analytical when it comes to any decision in their lives.

Orange: Affiliated with the sacral chakra, orange is similarly grounding and at odds with the ethereal personality of an Ronnie Baker Brooks.


1. The Best Fitness Routines for Aquarians

Group training. Whether it's training for a marathon or a triathlon, the social element will keep you coming back—and getting stronger.

2. About Those Ronnie Baker Brooks Ankle Issues

Hey Water-Bearers, it's time to talk about all that weight you're carrying around. While you seem to let issues roll off your back, you sometimes let things—mental or physical—keep irritating you. This is especially true when it comes to physical issues. You're a grin and bear it type of person, but sometimes, it's okay to admit something hurts. You're always the first to volunteer to lift the heaviest suitcase, to carry the biggest box, to never, ever give up. But your body has limits. Respecting your body and how much it can take will go a long way in making sure your body stays healthy for years to come.

3. The Top 10 Ways Ronnie Baker Brooks Beats the Blues

Ronnie Baker Brooks may seem optimistic, but little things can bring them down in the long run. Aquarians need to regularly tune into their emotional health to make sure they're running at optimal speed. Here, some ways to make sure Water-Bearers feel good.

4. Healing Herbs for Ronnie Baker Brooks Moods

These are the best herbs for Ronnie Baker Brooks to help ground Ronnie Baker Brooks and connect them to themselves.

Comfrey: Used for sprains, strains, and wound care, this herb may help heal any Ronnie Baker Brooks ankle accidents.

Valerian: This calming herb can (finally!) calm the racing mind of an Ronnie Baker Brooks.

Violet: This anti-inflammatory herb can be a good antidote to the go-go-go lifestyle of an Ronnie Baker Brooks.


1. Ronnie Baker Brooks' Spiritual Side

Mystical, questioning, and seeking, Aquarians have a deep tradition of digging deep into the unknown. Unafraid to question authority, Ronnie Baker Brooks may balk at traditional religion, only to find their own system of spirituality. They may also find comfort in the rituals of an organized tradition, and find that being a religious leader helps them find many of the answers they seek.

Ronnie Baker Brooks has a strict moral code that may not be based on what society says one should do. Still, an Ronnie Baker Brooks upholds this moral code highly and expects their close friends to do the same. An Ronnie Baker Brooks hates social injustice, and looks for a spiritual path that will allow them to help others.

Ronnie Baker Brooks is fiercely intelligent, and will likely have read different religious texts. They respect religious scholars who have deeply researched and truly believe, even if they, themselves, are skeptical. Ronnie Baker Brooks may question authority, but they will respect when people have made the decision on how and what they will believe.

Ronnie Baker Brooks believes in finding meaning, purpose, and who they are in the world and take this work seriously, even if the spiritual path they decide to take looks different than most.

2. Ronnie Baker Brooks Karma Boosters

Every sign has to deal with unfinished business. For Ronnie Baker Brooks, it's learning how to balance their ideals and self-interests with those of others. Here, how Ronnie Baker Brooks can focus less on trying to make people who they want them to be and more focus on who they are.

Career & Money:

1. Ronnie Baker Brooks Work Style

Relying on instinct, Ronnie Baker Brooks has a good sense of how pieces of a project lay out. They know what they need to do, but they may have a hard time explaining their vision to others. Ronnie Baker Brooks likes to follow their own internal clock and rhythm to get a job done. Sometimes, they might stay up all night, but sometimes, they want to work from nine to five.

An Ronnie Baker Brooks goes with the flow when it comes to the structure of their work day, and does well working remotely or working for a company that looks at product over time spent at a desk.

Ronnie Baker Brooks is a popular employee who knows how to get along with everyone. They may not like the political rules governing an office, but they can play to them almost effortlessly. They know that being nice at work makes the office more pleasant for everyone, and they take their work quality of life seriously.

2. Ronnie Baker Brooks Dream Careers

Singer/songwriter/producer: Music-loving Ronnie Baker Brooks finds success in this industry, whether it's in front of the microphone or in the soundbooth.

HR manager: Friendly, efficient, with a way of drawing people out, Ronnie Baker Brooks can easily suss out candidates for a job, and can entice them to work for a company.

Entrepreneur: Ronnie Baker Brooks has a sense of what may be needed in the market, and has the patience and flexibility to carry it out. As an entrepreneur, they love being involved in every aspect of the work flow.

Product manager: Ronnie Baker Brooks has an eye for detail as well as imagination. They work well at communicating with tech types, and can also merge tech specs with what an audience may need for an app or service.

Healer: Whether a therapist, acupuncturist, or reiki specialist, Ronnie Baker Brooks has a good sense of how to help people, and can tune into whatever might be bothering them.

3. Ronnie Baker Brooks and Money

Ronnie Baker Brooks may feel "money doesn't matter," but that's only because they're good at making it. For Ronnie Baker Brooks, money is a tool that can help them live a life they love—it's not necessarily a power symbol, and more isn't always better.

Ronnie Baker Brooks believes that money can be a tool for good or evil, and is conscious of how their spending impacts the world at large. They may be especially interested in ethical purchases or ethical investing, and may be frustrated when people become consumed with the number on their paycheck.

Ronnie Baker Brooks is good with numbers, and a quick mind and captivating imagination can make them savvy investors who may "see" trends in the market others can't.

Ronnie Baker Brooks believes money comes and goes, but relationships stay, and tend to make investing in relationships a priority over investing in their career or investing in the stock market.

4. If You Work for an Ronnie Baker Brooks Boss

Your Ronnie Baker Brooks boss may roll in on an electric scooter wearing flip-flops, but that doesn't mean they're not going to work hard—and demand the same from you. Ronnie Baker Brooks bosses don't necessarily "look" or "act" like a boss, but their perfectionistic standards can make the some of the toughest bosses in the business.

An Ronnie Baker Brooks expects you to work hard, ask questions, be smart, and generally perform to the top of your intelligence. They'll give you leeway, and aren't watching the clock to make sure you show up at the stroke of nine. But they won't accept half-hearted attempts, and will make it clear when you're not performing up to their standards. That said, an Ronnie Baker Brooks won't let disappointment linger—a boss may criticize your work, but be happy to talk music at happy hour, and once you begin performing according to their expectations, they won't hold onto their initial impression of you. Here, other Ronnie Baker Brooks boss traits:

A team player. Even if the Ronnie Baker Brooks boss has an office, they may be more likely to want to spend time in communal areas with their coworkers.

Imaginative. An Ronnie Baker Brooks boss wants to hear the absurd idea you're afraid to pitch. For an Ronnie Baker Brooks, imagination breeds innovation.

Independent: An Ronnie Baker Brooks boss likes doing the bulk of their work solo, and while they're up for brainstorming sessions, they also prefer to do a lot of work (and get credit) alone.

Fun: If any boss is going to organize an indoor skydiving event for team-building purposes, it's an Ronnie Baker Brooks boss.

Energtic: A packed to-do list inspires an Ronnie Baker Brooks, and they may expect their team to be equally energetic as they are. Once an Ronnie Baker Brooks is done learning, they're quickly ready to move on to a new job, and may be looking at their team for anyone who seems bored or listless in their job. Look busy!

5. What Success Means to an Ronnie Baker Brooks

An Ronnie Baker Brooks sees success as happiness, self-fulfillment, and a positive answer to the question, "did I make the world a better place?" An Ronnie Baker Brooks doesn't care so much about titles or paychecks, but understands that these things are important to society. An Ronnie Baker Brooks also cares about work-life balance, and may take a lower-paying job if it means more time and flexibility to spend with a family or spend on hobbies or passions. For an Ronnie Baker Brooks, "selling out" is the worst form of failure, and an Ronnie Baker Brooks will do anything to avoid that happening.

Predictions for the year 2022:

1. Overview

You’ve never been one to shy away from challenges, and that’s a good thing, because with your rebellious ruler Uranus traveling with conservative earth sign Taurus all year, you might feel like you’re trying to swim against the current a lot of the time. By nature, you like to experiment and push the envelope, in sharp contrast to fixed sign Taurus, which seeks security and wants to keep the status quo year in and year out.

The two retrograde periods your power planet extend through half of January and then again from the end of August through the end of the year, which should give you a nice break from the constant inward tug-of-war between rebellion and normalcy. Take some time during the relaxed cycles to review and assess some of your past experiments. Did you take things too far? Are there ways you can modify your extreme approach and be just as effective? Explore these options now.
Of course, the sun always passes through your sign early in the year, so you celebrate your solar return from the end of January until late February. Have some birthday fun in the offbeat style you’re known for! Perfect celebratory ideas include having a costume party, making a custom playlist from your musical faves of the year, and spending the day doing humanitarian good deeds. The sun forms a square to your home planet Uranus in the week after it enters your sign, Ronnie Baker Brooks, so be ready for more unpredictability than maybe even you are comfortable with.

2. Couples

You have a friendly personality and talk a great game, so it’s only natural that when chatty Mercury partners with your flexible air sign at the start of January, your conversations are all over the place. You pride yourself on being able to talk about any topic with a reasonable amount of knowledge, so you’ll need your partner to be up to speed on current events and all the latest gossip.

Mercury enters its first retrograde cycle of the year while in your sign mid-January, which turns communication upside down and can be an extremely frustrating time for you. You rely on technology perhaps more than any other sign, and when things aren’t working the way they’re supposed to you kind of lose it. You’ll have to make an extra effort now to keep in touch in ways that don’t rely so heavily on your phone or other tech gadgets.

Communicative Mercury and love goddess Venus both partner with fellow air sign Libra at the end of August and end of September, respectively, surrounding your relationship with the harmonious energy it needs to get you through a rough patch. If you’ve been having a hard time agreeing on things, these balanced transits can defuse the situation with their compromising energy and give you the charming demeanor that will help you smooth things over and allow you both to get what you want. The Mercury-Venus conjunction at the end of September is the perfect time to catch your partner off guard and tell them you love them “just because”!

3. Singles

It’s no secret that you love the single life, Ronnie Baker Brooks. Like most air signs, you value your freedom, and with passionate Mars passing through adventurous, spontaneous Sagittarius at the start of the year, you’re in absolutely no hurry to find your soul mate. And you definitely don’t have a lot of time or patience for games now either. You want to have a good time (and maybe even learn a thing or two), but you’re looking for genuine experiences, and you aren’t interested in spending time with anyone who has an agenda or appears to be putting on an act.

There’s also a new moon in your independent sign at the start of February, Ronnie Baker Brooks, giving you a little preview of good things to come for your love life this year. This exciting lunation reminds you of your unique talents and personality and can bring positive changes into your life if you’re open to them. It’s easy to meet new people during new moon phases, and this one highlights thinking outside the box. Consider going out on at least one date with someone you wouldn’t normally see yourself with.

Lovely Venus spends time in the emotional waters of Scorpio at the end of October, and your attitude about love might really change under the trance of this intense energy. While these two vibrations don’t always match, one thing is for sure: it’s hard to resist love, for better or worse, when these two get together. Watch out for becoming totally obsessed with someone now or experiencing love at first sight—you know, all those things you say you don’t believe in. You might just change your mind after living through these intense few weeks!

4. Money & Career

Money often comes easily to you, Ronnie Baker Brooks, because you love to be on the cutting edge. When you’re willing to take risks and step outside your comfort zone, you pursue financial and career opportunities that other people might not, and you’re rewarded accordingly. In 2022, hardworking Saturn is partnered with your intelligent, tech-loving sign all year, which should help you break free from any traditional career restrictions you feel you’ve been under lately. Your boundless ideas make you an invaluable part of any team, and your offbeat personality helps you stand out from the rest of the competition.

Your rebellious home planet Uranus is in steady, money-savvy Taurus now, which might seem like a mismatch but can actually help you set up some excellent plans for a healthier financial future. Diversifying investments and moving money around to different types of risk levels could net you long-term profits, but your patience will be required. You’ll have to have a lot of restraint to stay away from get-rich-quick schemes and avoid jumping on the latest cryptocurrency bandwagon. Staying the course and sticking with more traditional ways to grow your wealth will pay off eventually.

When lucky Jupiter spends time in dreamy Pisces until early May, you might tend to idealize your finances or potential earnings a bit too much. You might want to buy that expensive car or take the dream job that doesn’t pay much thinking it will all work out in the end, and that would be great! But sometimes that isn’t the case, so it’s best to adopt a “hope for the best but prepare for the worst” mindset now. Jupiter heading direct in fiery Aries until the end of July can lead to impulsive decisions, and planning for the future will be all but nonexistent. Putting a plan in place early can help you avoid financial emergencies later.

General features:

Imaginative, idealistic, intuitive

Element: Air
Polarity: Positive
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Ruling House: Eleventh
Spirit color: Sky blue
Lucky gem: Amethyst
Flower: Orchid
Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

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