Boston, Massachusetts

1. Sammy Adams (1987)


Rapper and electronic artist known for his Boston's Boy EP, which was released in 2010.

2. Busty Heart (1961)

American Model

Model and TV personality best known for her appearances on America's Got Talent and The Man Show.

3. Cotton Mather (1663)

American Theologian

Perhaps best remembered for his influential and controversial role in the infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692, this Puritan cleric is also known for his numerous pamphlets and published sermons....

4. Thomas Hutchinson (1711)


Loyalist governor of Massachusetts who disastrously ran the province in the immediate years before the American Revolutionary War. Both the Boston massacre and the Boston Tea Party occurred under his...

5. Andrew Oliver (1706)

Lieutenant Governor Of Massachus

Eighteenth-century politician who served from 1771-1774 as Lieutenant Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Province.

6. Benjamin Franklin (1706)

American Printer Writer Politici

Founding Father of the United States who became known for his political works, his writings, and for his contribution to the understanding of electricity, highlighted by his (possibly apocryphal) flying...

7. Samuel Adams (1722)


Founding Father and brewer who helped organize the Boston Tea Party. He helped draft the Articles of Confederation and the Massachusetts Constitution and he was the 4th Governor of Massachusetts...

8. Robert Treat Paine (1731)

American Lawyer And Judge; Signe

Founding Father, and the signer of the Declaration of the Independence who was Massachusetts's first attorney general. He notably prosecuted the British soldiers who perpetrated the Boston Massacre.

9. William Dawes (1745)

War Hero

Famous as one of the people sent on a midnight horseback mission at the start of the American Revolutionary War to alert the colonial militia that the British were approaching,...

10. Henry Knox (1750)

Continental Army And Us Army Gen

American military commander who served during the American Revolution. Later, he became the first U.S. Secretary of War.

11. Charles Bulfinch (1763)

American Architect

The first professional architect in the U.S.; helped construct the United States Capitol rotunda and dome. His influence can be seen throughout early 19th-century American architecture.

12. Abby May (1800)

American Activist And Social Wor

Boston-born woman most famous for being the wife of famed transcendentalist Amos Bronson Alcott. She was also a social worker and activist who fought for women's suffrage and the abolition...

13. Edgar Allan Poe (1809)

American Poet Short Story Writer

An American literary icon known for his macabre tales and poems, he is most famous for "The Black Cat," "The Cask of Amontillado," "The Tell-Tale Heart," and other works of...

14. Albert Pike (1809)

Confederate Army General

Officer of the Confederate Army who was also an attorney, a poet, and a Freemason.

15. Horatio Greenough (1805)

American Artist

American sculptor who made United States government commissions such as The Rescue and George Washington.

16. Charles Sumner (1811)

American Abolitionist And Politi

From 1851 until 1874, this Civil War-era Radical Republican leader served his home state of Massachusetts as a United States Senator. Remembered for his fervent, Reconstruction-era advocacy of equal rights...

17. Thomas Ball (1819)


American sculptor and musician whose work had a large influence on monumental art in the United States. He made a sculpture of Daniel Webster.

18. Horace Gray (1828)

American Judge

Served as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1881 to 1902.

19. Winslow Homer (1836)

American Artist

Considered one of the most significant nineteenth-century American painters, he is particularly remembered for his watercolors and oil paintings depicting maritime scenes. His best known works include Breezing Up (A...

20. Henry Adams (1838)

Journalist Historian Academic No

An American novelist, historian, and journalist active during the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries, he is known for works such as Esther: A Novel and the nine-volume History of...

21. Louis Sullivan (1856)

American Architect

Architect of the Wainwright Building in Missouri who became a pioneer in modernist architecture and created the modern skyscraper. He was dubbed the father of skyscrapers and the father of...

22. Percival Lowell (1855)

American Astronomer

Distinguished astronomer who studied the canals of Mars and published three books - Mars, Mars and Its Canals, and Mars As the Abode of Life - about his discoveries. He...

23. Fannie Farmer (1857)

American Chef

Culinary enthusiast and author of the bestselling book, Boston Cooking-School Cook Book.

24. Walter Russell (1871)

American Philosopher

American scholar who developed a unified theory of physics and cosmogony, which he published in his books The Secret of Light and The Message of the Divine Iliad.

25. Frances Perkins (1880)

American Politician

The first female appointed to a U.S. Cabinet position, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Secretary of Labor, a post she served from 1933 to 1945. She was one of only two...

26. Kassim Osgood (1980)

American Football Player Wide Re

Wide receiver who played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers during his 12-year stint in the NFL.

27. Ben Foster (1980)

American Actor And Producer

Played the role of class clown, Tucker James on Disney's Flash Forward and had a recurring role in HBO's Six Feet Under. He then began working on a number of...

28. Anthony Lapsley (1980)

American Martial Artist

American MMA fighter who is a former KOTC Welterweight Champion.

29. Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. (1888)

Businessman Political Figure And

Kennedy patriarch and father of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy. He was an influential Democrat and Irish Catholic.

30. Rose Kennedy (1890)


Matriarch of the Kennedy clan whose sons included President John F. Kennedy and Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.

31. Charles Brickley (1891)

American Football Player And Coa

All-American quarterback at Harvard University who led their football team to a national championship in 1912 after a perfect 9-0 season.

32. John William McCormack (1891)

American Politician

Massachusetts Congressman for over four decades who served as speaker of the House in the 60s. He was a Democrat and served as House Majority Leader three separate times.

33. Karyn Bryant (1968)

American Actor

American actress, writer and TV personality who is most known for being the co-anchor of CNN's Talk Back Live and Showbiz Tonight.

34. Harry Dexter White (1892)


Notable for his high-ranking position with the United States Treasury Department, this American economist is remembered for his post-World War II financial policy initiatives (including the creation of the World...

35. Dorothy Davenport (1895)

Actor Film Director

Actress and screenwriter who is best remembered for writing screenplays like 1934's The Road to Ruin and 1935's Women Must Dress.

36. Myles Kennedy (1969)

American Musicianamerican Musici

Guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist with Alter Bridge who can hold a note for upwards of twenty seconds. He and Slash have also collaborated together on projects.

37. Jack Haley (1898)

American Actor

Actor who played the Tin Man in the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz. His other film credits include Moon Over Miami, Beyond the Blue Horizon, and George White's Sandals. 

38. Sylvia Plath (1932)

American Poet Novelist

American poet best remembered for her novel The Bell Jar, as well as for her collection The Colossus and Other Poems. Her Collected Poems were published posthumously and won the...

39. Helene Johnson (1906)

American Poet

Poet associated with the Harlem Renaissance and known for her Vanity Fair-featured poem, "Bottled." She published her last poems in a 1935 issue of Challenge: A Literary Quarterly.

40. Hiram Sherman (1908)

American Actor

Broadway actor who earned Tony Awards for his performances in Two's Company and How Now, Dow Jones.

41. Melissa Satta (1986)

Italian Showgirl

American-born Italian presenter who first rose to fame as a showgirl on the satirical series Striscia la notizia. She then went on to become a face for TRL Italy, Italy...

42. Lillian Roth (1910)

American Actress Singer

American singer and actress who appeared in Animal Crackers and Madam Satan in 1930.

43. John Fields (1968)

Music Producer

Music producer and musician known for his work with artists like Miley Cyrus, Drake Bell, and Demi Lovato. Some of his notable titles include Lovato's "Here We Go Again" and...

44. Harry Carney (1910)

American Musician

Baritone saxophonist who played in Duke Ellington's Orchestra for forty-five years, making him the longest-playing performer in the ensemble.

45. David Park (1911)


Abstract painter associated with the Bay Area Figurative School and known for "Standing Male Nude in the Shower." Helped renew interest in figurative art.

46. Alexander Mackendrick (1912)

Film Director

Scottish director of classic 1950s films, including The Man in the White Suit and The Ladykillers.

47. Dan Kiley (1912)

American Landscape Architect

Influential modernist landscape architect who designed more than 1,000 spaces, among them the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston.

48. John McCarthy (1927)


American computer and cognitive scientist who coined the term 'artificial intelligence.' He has received the Turing Award, he United States National Medal of Science, and the Kyoto Prize among other...

49. Mary Carlisle (1914)

American Actress

American actress who was selected to become part of WAMPAS Baby Stars in 1932. She appeared in numerous films including Palooka in 1934 and Dance, Girl, Dance in 1940.

50. Babe Paley (1915)

Editor Socialite

This prominent socialite and fashion icon served as Vogue magazine's fashion editor during the late 1930s and 1940s and was named by Time magazine as one of the world's best-dressed...

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